Amazon has updated its Instant Video app to version 2.1. Most notably, the update adds AirPlay support which has been a long-requested feature. This means that Amazon video content can now be watched on the Apple TV, via an iOS device with this app.

In addition, the update adds deeper integration with IMDB — which Amazon owns — to show information about cast, crew and other trivia. Users can also see iTunes-esque metadata such as “customers who watched this also watched” and drill down to other videos featuring the same director. Alongside with the usual performance and bug fix improvements, the app also allows users to download more than one video simultaneously for offline viewing.

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3 Responses to “Amazon Instant Video for iOS updated, adds Airplay support, IMDB integration”

  1. degraevesofie says:

    AirPlay support is pretty significant, I think. I believe this required approval from content providers…


    • It is significant and I was thinking the same thing…. that it’s not as easy as saying “Lets support AirPlay.” I’m sure all the studios have to be onboard and that I’m sure wasn’t easy given their track record for be stingy sharing.

      But as you say significant. I’ve got an AppleTV and love it but haven’t bought any more because the lack of Amazon Instant. I’ve still have two TV using Roku which is nice just for the great variety of “apps” but they are somewhat unreliable hardware-wise.


  2. Caleb Jones says:

    This is definitely a huge step in the right direction. I am still hoping for a native ATV app (the quality is better than airplay), but somehow I doubt that will happen.