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AirPlay and AirPlay 2

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AirPlay is Apple’s own system for wirelessly streaming both audio and video from Apple devices to speakers and displays. It was originally known as AirTunes.

It can be used to stream from one Apple device to another (for example, a Mac to an Apple TV, or an iPhone to a HomePod), or from an Apple device to a third-party device like a speaker or TV.

The original version allowed iTunes on the Mac to stream to multiple devices, while iPhone and iPad could stream to only one at a time.

AirPlay 2, launched in 2018, extended multi-room support to iOS devices too, as well as supporting audio streaming to stereo speaker pairs and improved buffering.

Many third-party speaker brands have delivered or promised support for AirPlay 2, including Bang & Olufsen, Bluesound, Bowers & Wilkins, Denon, Devialet, KEF, Libratone, Naim and Sonos. Compatible TVs include models from LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio. A full list of  compatible devices can be found on Apple’s website.

AirPlay Stories February 3

LG has announced a dramatic expansion of TVs that offer support for the Apple TV app, AirPlay, HomeKit, and Apple Music. While these features have been available on LG’s own webOS TVs for a while, today’s announcement expands them to third-party TVs that run the company’s webOS Hub software.

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AirPlay Stories May 11, 2022

After being leaked back in April, Sonos has officially launched its new soundbar. The Ray comes as its most affordable home theater speaker priced at $279 and is more compact than the Beam or full-sized Arc. Sonos has also announced its own “Voice Control” service that will arrive next month to let users control Apple Music directly from Sonos speakers with built-in mics.

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AirPlay Stories March 22, 2022

Cisco has announced a notable update to its Webex Room, Desk, and Board series devices with deeper for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. With an update coming in June, Cisco’s Room, Desk, and Board devices will be able to serve as AirPlay targets, allowing Apple users to easily cast their screen to one of those devices.

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AirPlay Stories December 9, 2021

Back in 2019, Apple announced that it was teaming up with Samsung, Amazon, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance to create a more open and secure standard for smart home accessories. The project was initially slated to launch in 2021, but was later delayed to 2022.

A new report from The Verge today goes in-depth on another aspect of the Matter initiative: a new universal casting technology that could rival (or replace) AirPlay…

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AirPlay Stories October 25, 2021

Apple has finally released macOS Monterey to the public. The update comes with several new features, including Focus mode for notifications, SharePlay, Live Text, and more. Another new feature is the ability to AirPlay from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac without having to install any third-party apps, so read on as we detail how to use this feature.

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AirPlay Stories October 13, 2021

Iconic Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin finally gets AirPlay 2 in 4th-gen model

The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin quickly became one of the most iconic speakers with an iPod dock when it was launched back in 2007. The company has now launched a 4th-generation version with support for AirPlay 2

AirPlay Stories May 16, 2021

Sling TV for iPhone and iPad adds AirPlay support in a new update

Streaming service Sling TV received a new update that enables AirPlay support to stream its contents from an iPhone or iPad to other devices.

AirPlay Stories March 22, 2021

‘Reflector’ AirPlay mirroring app updated with M1 Mac and Big Sur support, new device frames, more

The popular screen mirroring and streaming app Reflector has received a notable update today. Reflector 4 is now available, and it includes Apple Silicon optimization, an all-new user interface, and more.

AirPlay Stories June 26, 2020

The audio world is all about wireless speakers these days, and even very traditional audiophile companies are getting in on the action, but there are still plenty of people who have much-loved component hi-fi systems they have no intention of replacing. And that’s where the Cyrus One Cast comes in.

There are various options for bringing AirPlay capabilities to a stackable hi-fi system, with Apple’s old AirPort Express routers a popular and inexpensive approach. That can be a somewhat flakey experience, but you can pick up used units for under $50 apiece, so it’s certainly a cost-effective route.

The Cyrus One Cast sits at the opposite end of the scale…

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AirPlay Stories February 19, 2020

Bose AirPlay 2 support continues for existing speaker owners. Three Bose speaker systems got the upgrade last year, and the company has just announced that nine more will receive a free over-the-air firmware update sometime between now and February 25.

The update is for SoundTouch speakers and Lifestyle home entertainment systems…

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AirPlay Stories December 5, 2019

Audio enthusiasts who prefer to listen to music on their existing speakers have been waiting for some time to see AirPlay 2 cracked, and that day has now arrived.

Three developers who have been working on the problem for some time say they have now done it…

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AirPlay Stories September 6, 2019

Braun speakers haven’t been made now for some 28 years, but the classic Braun LE speakers designed by Dieter Rams remain recognizable even today.

Now Braun LE speakers are back, in a modern variant that supports AirPlay 2

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AirPlay Stories July 23, 2019

The latest AirPlay 2 TV news is that LG is set to roll out HomeKit and AirPlay 2 support to its 2019 models next week.

That’s great news for owners of the 2019 models; not so much if you bought a 2017 or 2018 one. As many owners of older models have commented, their TVs are almost certainly capable of receiving the update …

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AirPlay Stories July 22, 2019

Update: The roll-out begins on July 25.

Earlier this year, LG released its first 2019 TVs that would eventually gain support for HomeKit and AirPlay 2. Now, the TV maker says that updates will soon start to roll out that add support for those features.

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AirPlay Stories May 21, 2019

Vizio unveils all-new 4K HDR smart TVs, HomeKit and AirPlay 2 coming later this year

When Apple listed all the AirPlay 2-compatible TVs, there was good news for Vizio TV owners: support was coming to older models. Indeed, the company later clarified that even some 2016 models would get the upgrade.

But if you have been waiting for the latest models, these are now available…

AirPlay Stories May 16, 2019

DTS has announced that the McIntosh RS200 and Arcam rPlay now support AirPlay 2, as well as Alexa.

The McIntosh RS200 is a high-end all-in-one wireless speaker system designed to compete with the likes of the Naim mu-so and Devialet Phantom

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AirPlay Stories May 13, 2019

The all-new Apple TV app is now available for Samsung Smart TVs, marking the first time the video player has been available beyond Apple’s own platforms. Samsung Smart TVs are also gaining support for Apple’s AirPlay 2 feature for wirelessly sending audio and video to the TV screen without a set-top box attached.

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AirPlay Stories April 22, 2019

Along with LG and Vizio, Sony announced earlier this year that some of its smart TVs would be gaining support for Apple’s HomeKit and AirPlay 2. The company has launched it first new 2019 TVs and unveiled pricing and release details for those to come that will be getting the expanded functionality.

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Last week, Bowers & Wilkins invited us downtown in New York to show off their latest audio line, Formation. The lineup is predicated on five launch products, all sharing the same Formation namesake at the beginning: Bar, Duo, Wedge, Bass and Audio.

Featuring support for AirPlay 2, the company is touting the innovations presented in the Formation line as top-tier wired audio fidelity achieved wirelessly, all with the same setup simplicity of a $249 everyday-consumer level speaker.

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AirPlay Stories April 18, 2019

Bose this week quietly announced that it has released AirPlay 2 functionality to its line of smart speakers. This includes its Home Speaker 500 and two different Soundbar models, while SoundTouch speakers are still playing the waiting game.

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AirPlay Stories April 15, 2019

After a long waiting period for users, Yamaha today officially announced its AirPlay 2 plans. The company says it will roll out AirPlay 2 to a handful of its home audio products starting later this month.

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AirPlay Stories April 7, 2019

Netflix is offering more details on its decision to remove AirPlay functionality from its iOS app. The change was announced in an update to a support document on Netflix’s website last week, with the company attributing it to unnamed “technical limitations.”

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AirPlay Stories April 1, 2019

Vizio was among a handful of TV manufacturers that announced AirPlay 2 and Home app support earlier this year. Now, the company is preparing its SmartCast Mobile app for AirPlay support.

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AirPlay Stories March 15, 2019

LG is out today with details on its 2019 TV lineup that will eventually offer users built-in AirPlay 2 and HomeKit integration. Pricing and size info has been revealed with the most affordable 55-inch model starting at $2,499 launching next month.

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