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Alongside the launch of iOS 7, Apple has raised the limit for an application file size that could be downloaded over a cellular network via the App Store. The new limit is 100MB, and that is double the previous limit of 50MB (via MacRumors). Back in 2008, the App Store launched with a 10MB cap, but as iOS devices gained new features such as 3G, LTE, and Retina Displays, Apple has been raising the limits. It seems likely that the limit was raised due to the influx of new app designs that Apple is expecting to be rolled out in the coming weeks. 

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2 Responses to “Apple raises App Store downloads over cellular limit to 100MB per app”

  1. Thank you ! I love this


  2. Connor R says:

    Arrgh! This is so silly. Should be no limit, like Google Play please?!! Prompt me ‘Are you sure you want to download without WiFi’ but ultimately leave it up to ME to decide what to do with MY data! A lot of us are still grandfathered in on TRUE unlimited (no cap/no throttling on Verizon here). Quit acting like Democrats who think government knows what’s better for me than I do. These kind of baby-proofing restrictions just make corporations look so out of touch and removed from the consumer.