While the iPhone 5c will begin selling in stores tomorrow starting at $99 on contract through most retailers, we’ve just learned that Target will be matching the $79 offer that Walmart recently announced for preorders of the iPhone 5c. It will also throw in an extra 5% off for those with a Target REDcard.

Target will begin selling the iPhone 5s in its stores tomorrow as well (as will Apple and many other retail stores), but it doesn’t seem to be matching the $189 offer Walmart announced for that device.

Preorders for the $79 iPhone 5c are available starting today through Target Mobile centers. Like Walmart, it will still be charging the full $199 for the 32GB model of the 5c. 

The iPhone 5s is also set to make its retail debut tomorrow, but it looks like the device will be in short supply compared to the 5c. Shipping times for the 5s in Australia have already hit 7-10 days just minutes after going on sale in the country, and we’ve been hearing Walmart and other retailers have extremely low initial stock of the 5s for launch day.

Shipping times for iPhone 5c models have also started slipping ahead of tomorrow’s launch, a week after the device first went up for preorder.

Apple Stores typically match other retail chains so if you are lining up, you might try to get an iPhone 5c for $79 or an iPhone 5s for $189.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 12.38.30 PM

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2 Responses to “Target matching Walmart’s $79 iPhone 5c deal, preorders start today”

  1. Caution with this “deal” needs to be taken here. The “fine” print they never tell you is that even though you might be getting the phone for $79 bucks instead of $99, you’re still going to pay more than if you got it at the apple store or the online apple store. Why? Because Apple charges tax on the “unsubsidized” amount, meaning, they are the only official retailer of apple products and the only charge what you pay. For example, if you pay $99 for a 5C, then you pay tax on the $99 only. Both walmart and Target will charge you tax on the “subsidized” amount which is the unlocked price for the 5C, which is $500. Example: 5C at Apple: $107 (with 8% tax) and for target/walmart: is $119 with same tax rate. Just always buy phones from Apple, it will always be cheaper than these “fake” sales.