Devices on Apple TV 5.3 are now "up to date" (thanks, @iPadMatt!)

Devices on Apple TV 5.3 are now “up to date” (thanks, @iPadMatt!)

After Apple TV 6.0 was released on Friday with iTunes Radio and other enhancements, there were many reports of botched updates that required the user to restore their Apple TV. In some particular instances, Apple TVs have also been permanently bricked or they lost the content on the device during the update. Other devices could not download any internet content even when an internet connection was connected.

Last night, Apple took down the on-device update, and now devices on Apple TV 5.3 are seeing no update available. Of note, the 6.0 firmware is still available as a download on Apple’s website. The update is still available for some Apple TV users, although it seems sporadic and may be a result of background downloading.

We’ll update this post as more details arise.

(Thanks, Matt, Nick, and JX)

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51 Responses to “Apple TV 6.0 update pulled after reports of bricking and networking issues”

  1. I wonder if Apple is offering to exchange devices that were bricked as a result of this update…

  2. Lee Palisoc says:

    I knew it. I was trying to update mine last night. When I first opened my Apple TV, it says there’s a new update. And then after it process the “update”, it says it can’t finish the update and asks me to restart the device.

  3. davespirit says:

    I updated last night. Bricked my AppleTV. So I plugged it into iTunes and did it through that. Worked fine. Now it’s all working 100%. Luckily! Wifi streamed a film no issues. All apps work fine.

    • Scott Buscemi says:

      Mine went through, but I had to re-connect my WiFi since it wasn’t download anything properly. Everything still seems quite slow, so I’ll probably be restoring shortly…

      • davespirit says:

        Ah that’s a shame … mine’s running beautifully now. I was a little concerned when I saw a big iTunes logo and couldn’t find the USB port … I soon realised it’s a micro USB :D hah. But yeah, fingers crossed it’ll stay good :) I expect they’ll release a 6.0.1 soon :)

  4. Seems to have worked out okay here.

  5. I did a ota update and everything is working fine. Guess I got lucky

  6. Bricked mine, restore failed. Apple store gladly exchanged with a new one for free, and the OTA update worked on the new one.

  7. tawmn says:

    Guess I was one of the ones that it didn’t hurt.

  8. Bitch, It only tooks a while but then it ended up intalling the 6.0…I have a Spanish ATV with Italian language and setting on it (iTunes Store located in Italian). Everything seemed to work fine.

  9. totallymaxed says:

    No problems here in the UK. Update worked fine. Then streamed a movie.

  10. Dave M. says:

    I got the “Connect to iTunes” image after my attempt to update last Friday… I connected it to my computer and did a “Restore”.

    It’s been working perfectly ever since. Hope it stays that way…

    • davespirit says:

      Most people who have ‘bricked’ Apple TV’s haven’t tried that. It’s an easy fix tho.

      • Dave M. says:

        It wasn’t like I did much more than just plug the Apple TV into my computer. The rest was done by iTunes when the connection was established.

        Granted, I did do a search on Google to find out what Apple TV was trying to tell me with that graphic it was displaying. It’s the first time I had seen that. The Google search brought me to a question in Apple’s support forums and the rest was easy.

  11. Completely bricked mine. It just blinks the light and shows the ‘ready to connect to iTunes for an update’ picture on the TV.

    • davespirit says:

      So connect it with a Micro USB and do a Restore. It works fine after that. It hasn’t bricked your device. Bricking your device means it doesn’t work. Your Apple TV just needs to have a software restore done via iTunes. It’s beautifully easy and simple, so give it a go :) The Micro USB port is below the HDMI port :)

  12. Dan Uff says:

    I did the update on Friday and all is working fine here.

  13. mine took quite a while to update, but works ok ( uk ) got a us iTunes acc and I’m impressed with iTunes radio too..

  14. PMZanetti says:

    From my reading it seems to limited (or more prominent) in AppleTV 2’s.

    Anyone with an AppleTV 3 have this happen?

  15. My Apple TV 2 updated fine Friday.

  16. Two major ios 7 security / lock screen bugs and apple TV bricking with the latest update…how about those QA teams, Apple?

    • Dave M. says:

      You forgot all the new bugs in iTunes that have shown up. My iTunes is locking up about every 24 hours and if I attempt to move in a set of TV show episodes, it also locks up. I’m sure there are more that I haven’t found it. It’s pretty much a given that when Apple updates iTunes, they screw up something pretty important.

      I’m an unemployed QA Engineer, I would be glad to offer my services to Apple to help make new software/hardware be less buggy.

      • davespirit says:

        Who have you worked for, where are you based … and do you need a job? We have plenty of openings where I work :)

      • Dave M. says:

        I have worked for a couple of local St. Louis companies. A library software company called SirsiDynix and a mobile security company called Mobile Armor. I still do need a job, but there is a possibility I’ll be moving to Dallas sometime in the next year or so.

  17. everreason says:

    Apple TV 2 update worked fine for me in the UK, though it did take quite a while. Are most of the problems in the US and, if so might it be an iTunes Radio issue?

  18. Tim Kelly says:

    Update worked, but caused issues with rentals, meaning I had to re-rent items from the itunes store. Bit of a pain. Hopefully Apple will push a fix soon.

  19. azmkhan says:

    Here is Australia, i was really upset with this .. spent half of my sunday trying to fi d a mini usb wire ($20) and restoring the ATV using itunes after getting the “connect to itunes” sign then found out the remote was not working so had to again go and buy a new battery. Finally fixed everything but still not on 6.0. Will not be upgrading anytime soon.

  20. DubTheDJ says:

    That explains, I tried to update late last night and my Apple TV insisted I was running the latest software. Still running 5.3 at the moment, hoping they push the fixed update soon.

  21. Updated 3 Apple TVs in my home on Friday and had no problems with any of them, thank goodness. They updated a lot quicker than my iPhone 5 to IOS 7 did LOL

  22. xpusostomos says:

    You don’t understand what bricked means. If you can redo it, it’s not bricked.

  23. david0296 says:

    Yeah, it crashed my Apple TV box. I had to reinstall the software through iTunes and start all over. I’m glad it didn’t brick it. That would have been even a bigger hassle.

  24. After updating to 6.0 I am unable to use AirPlay / Home Sharing from any of my devices, will a manual restore to 5.3 help ??

  25. How to download and install AppleTV 6.0 Software to the AppleTV (2nd Gen) and (3rd Gen) successfully:

    You will need a Micro-USB cable. I had one for my Jabra Bluetooth Speakerphone, so I was ready to go. If you have an AppleTV (3rd Gen), you will also need the power cord. The 2nd Gen model does not need the power cord.

    Step one: Download the AppleTV 2nd Gen or 3rd Gen 6.0 software from this site:

    This is the full restore software for the AppleTV. Sounds like the “over the air” version caused a lot of problems, and was pulled from Apple’s servers. Downloading the full restore software will completely wipe the AppleTV and install brand-new software.

    Important Info for AppleTV 3rd Gen Owners: There are TWO models of the AppleTV 3rd Gen. One was released in 2012 and one was released in 2013 (the difference was updated A5 silicon). The 2012 model is A1427. The 2013 model is A1469. Look at the bottom of your AppleTV 3rd Gen and check the model number. If you have model A1427, then download the 6.0 software for Apple TV 3. If you have model A1469, then download the 6.0 software for Apple TV 3 (2013).

    Remember where you saved the 6.0 Restore.ipsw file (the Desktop is a good location). Then follow steps 1-4 to connect your AppleTV to your Mac or PC from Apple’s Support page:

    2nd Gen models do not need the power cord, but the 3rd Gen models require the power cord. Open iTunes and plug in the Micro-USB cable to the AppleTV. Plug in the power cord if you have the 3rd Gen. The AppleTV will appear in iTunes, indicating it is in Recovery Mode. (If you have iTunes 11, go under the View menu and choose Show Sidebar so you can easily find the AppleTV under the Devices list). On the Mac, hold Option and click the Restore AppleTV button. (On Windows, I think you hold Control or Shift and click the Restore AppleTV button). An open dialog box will appear asking you to locate the ipsw file. Navigate to the location where you saved the 6.0 Restore file and open it. You will get a prompt asking if you want to restore the AppleTV to 6.0. Click Restore and let the process complete. When done, you will get a prompt advising you to disconnect the AppleTV and reconnect it to your TV. The restore process only takes a few minutes.

    Once connected to your TV, the AppleTV will boot up as a brand-new device running 6.0. The great new feature of 6.0 is the totally cool setup process. You can now use your iPhone 4S, iPad 3 (or mini) or later, or iPod Touch 5 to setup the AppleTV using Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth on your iOS device and set it on top of your AppleTV. The devices will talk to each other and you will enter your AppleID and password on the iOS device. Follow a few prompts and all the settings (Wi-Fi, etc) will transfer to the AppleTV.

    After reading about the failed updates and discovering that Apple pulled the OTA update, I decided to use the Restore file and update my AppleTV 3rd Gen models. Both were the 2012 model and both updated flawlessly using this method. If you had trouble with the OTA update, download the restore file from the site above and you should be able to restore your AppleTV without any issues and install the 6.0 software. Both of my AppleTVs are running perfectly using this method.

  26. Did the update before i went to bed. The next morning i’ve to reset my ATV2 via iTunes. No it works fine again…

  27. Paul Douglas says:

    It bricked mine, but restoring it from iTunes fixed it…Eventually. First time I hooked it up to the TV and Power after restoring, it was still dead. I then plugged it in again later to try Restoring again and I noticed the LED wasn’t blinking any more – it was solid, so I hooked up the HDMI and it was at the first stage of set-up. It’s now happily running 6.0. Wasn’t a fun adventure though.

  28. I was able to update my Apple TV 3 on Saturday via Wi-fi. The update took a long time.though. On Step 1 of 2 at the 50% mark the process slowed to a snails pace. But it eventually finished on its’ own after about 30 minutes. Was able to access iTunes Radio, as well as prior purchases.

  29. Like many of you, after installing 6.0 my Apple TV gen 2 I got the connect to iTunes graphic. I searched for and found a old micro USB cable and tried to get my iTunes to recognize the device, but it could not. I read that some micro USB cords were not working with iTunes, but I didn’t have another to try. I made an appointment at the Genius Bar at my local Apple store today. They plugged it in to iTunes and it was not recognized…bricked. They eventually offered me replacment offers, either the new Apple TV 3 immediately or wait 5-7 days for a working second gen. I have not seen an official Apple statement on the matter.

  30. Joe Lee says:

    Following the update that was offered to me for the first time Saturday morning, September 28, my Apple TV is locked up. I have unplugged it, to no avail. What should I do next?

  31. bold1020 says:

    I got bricked, plugged it in worked fine. I lost all my favorites and podcasts so I tossed it in the trash and went and got a ROKU works great and I can watch Amazon prime.