Ahead of Apple’s new iPad launch later this year, a flurry of high-resolution images of Space Gray shells for the upcoming fifth-generation iPad have emerged. These shots show the same detail as our shots from January, but the color is obviously new. These new photos also give a peek at some internal components and a silver model for the future iPad.

Apple replaced its “Slate” color for Space Gray with the new iPhone 5s, and it makes sense that it would bring that color across its iOS Device lineup. A photo of a Space Gray backplate for a new version of the iPad mini hit the web a few weeks ago.

You can find a full gallery of the new Space Gray iPad images below (courtesy of SonnyDickson.com):

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15 Responses to “High-res photos of upcoming Space Gray full sized-iPad emerge [Gallery]”

  1. Will it have the fingerprint sensor? Sure hope so!


  2. chris58369 says:

    Think it will have Touch ID?


  3. Double down on security they said. No more leaks they said.


    • ikir says:

      Considering Apple name and popularity I think they are quite good with leaks


    • I agree, it seems like it flew back and hit them in the face. They did surprise [everyone] with the 64-bit iPhones, though, and retooling iOS7 after developers got their hands on beta versions. They were certainly secretive about that.

      A part of me misses the “good old days” where “one more thing” would knock our socks off because we had no idea of what was to come. Nevertheless, the previews, or perhaps selective leaks, seem to be bait for us rabid fans who are willing to make a purchase anyway…


      • I totally miss the “one more thing” too…that was one of the best things about watching an apple event :)


      • jrox16 says:

        Was that “just one more thing” done more than once by Steve, when he unveiled the iPhone? I only remember it one time for the iPhone ans again once more by Cook for the iWatch.
        These days, with so much media coverage, it would see, impossible. I don’t think its Apple’s security, I think it’s the power of the media coverage. When you have so many websites where their livelihood depends on clicks and Apple leaks and rumors, you’re naturally going to get more and more people willing to find and push those leaks. A supply chain made of multiple vendors can only be so secure.


  4. any word on if the new ipads will have touch ID? 64bit chips?


  5. Almost looks like the Powerbook Titanium casing or is the picture a bit off in color?


  6. Andy Brooks says:

    Can’t believe how much stuff their letting get leaked. Not cool at all


  7. Nice. I think I’m looking at my first iPad here. That or the space gray iPad Mini 2 if it comes with a Retina screen at the same price as the current iPad Mini. Looking forward to seeing these beauties in the flesh.


  8. If they didn’t have a Gold option they probably do now. I think Siri, Touch ID, Vehicle Integration, Apple TV etc… is all just training us for a complete Apple solution where iOS/OSX will power our experience end to end from home to work and beyond. For example we can ask Siri to ‘Transfer our music/pictures/documents to the car/home/laptop/iPhone’. Use TouchID to open your front door/car/office. iBeacons integration could be used to turn on your home lights as you approach the house, turn on music or interior lights as you walk in the door, Siri can update you on the location of your kids or updates on sports, news, subscribed feeds.

    This is just my thoughts on where I think Apple is going with all of their current projects and software updates.

    Much like the iPod was training us for ‘Touch’ I think Siri, TouchID, and other partnerships and integrations Apple is entering in to is all training us for a fully immersive and integrated iOS/OSX ecosystem.


  9. Awesome! Looks repairable. Critically important for all repair companies.