Some users may be experiencing difficulty making purchases on the iTunes Store, according to Apple’s system status page. We’ve heard mentions of issues beginning this morning, and Apple reports trouble starting around 1:30 PM EST. Game Center and FaceTime also experienced issues this afternoon, though the former may be somewhat difficult to notice.

Apple’s iMessage service has been suffering turbulence for days now, which is not reflected on the system status page as it may be limited to iOS 7 users. Apple told the WSJ it is working on a fix for its iMessage issues in a future software update and recommends a workaround in the meantime.

Update: Apple says the 90-minute outage has been resolved, but expanded the list of affected services after the resolution: “Users may have been unable to make purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store, or iBookstore. Users may also have been unable to access iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match, or restore purchases from an iCloud backup.” Let us know if you see anything else!

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7 Responses to “Apple confirms some users experiencing iTunes Store outage”

  1. Was unable to use the App store for a while today and after it came back online and I bought something I got a mail saying my account had been used to by something in the App store, like a warning message. Never got one of those before but I guess it had something to do with the downtime then so nothing to worry about I guess.


  2. faiwaiz says:

    Re: [New post] Apple confirms some users experiencing iTunes Store outage 1.2.3


  3. Hamza Sheikh says:

    Yeah. I have been trying to made my purchase, and iTunes Store was unable to connect with Apple Servers. While it was working on my other iPad.


  4. The iTunes Store app on my phone kept quitting for these last 2 days. Seems to be working now though; Seems unrelated but just thought I’d throw it in there…


  5. drtyrell969 says:

    NEWSFLASH: Apple confirming no one uses their storage.


  6. Colby Fulton says:

    I’m still unable to access the iTunes store to watch any of my movies that I’ve purchased. This is fucking bullshit.


  7. Was having this issue yesterday for App Store, iTunes Store and Game Center. Purchases would just give me the new circle loading animation then stop or iTunes Store would freeze up. A quick reboot of the iPhone fixed everything for me.