Update: We have a winner!

9to5Mac is teaming up with dbrand inc, makers of quality custom vinyl skins for all of your devices, to giveaway an unlocked gold 64GB iPhone 5s to one lucky reader. We’ll also be including brand new gold skins just launched by dbrand that will let you give your iPad or other favorite device the gold look too.

Gold has definitely been one of the most popular of all the new iPhone colors with stock almost nonexistent in retail stores since the launch of the device late last month. Since gold is best, dbrand has created custom gold skins not just for iPhone, but for iPad and a number of other popular devices too:


The winner will have their pick of a gold skin for their iPad or another device to go along with their new gold iPhone 5s, and we’ll have more gold skins from dbrand to giveaway in the coming weeks.

To Enter: Make sure you’re following @9to5Mac on Twitter and retweet this post or share it on Facebook. We’ll be picking a winner in the coming weeks.

dbrand makes quality 3M vinyl skins in leather, carbon fiber, brushed titanium, mahogany, and powder-coated true colours for everything from game controllers to iPads and smartphones.

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273 Responses to “Giveaway: Win an unlocked 64GB Gold iPhone 5s from 9to5Mac & dbrand inc.”

  1. I love to win. iPhone 5 is very expensive in my country. And yet it’s an awesome phone

  2. Can’t believe, lived this long and never had a cell phone, The pressure of others, saying, “what? you dont have a cell phone”? is getting to me…,a giveaway of a unlocked 64gb gold iphone will open my world. Thank you 9to5mac!! will pay any shipping fees if needed.. Arigato Gozaimasu. Followed, retweeted and shared, Keep cool 9to5mac, ….

  3. I just discovered this site and I bought a leather case thank you 9to5Mac (Order #58896)

  4. Candy Magara says:

    I got scammed of my phone and I’m phoneless and I can’t afford a new phone. A new iPhone 5s 64GB would be such a blessing and help me a whole lot. Please pick me. Thank you :)

  5. yes in our country Goal 5s is very expensive
    16Gb = 1400$ in Myanmar
    16Gb = 199$
    So apple,your country is wealth or our country is rich

  6. after i loss my iPhone 5 i was a phone unless boy. i wait that 5S but now very Expensive. i love u apple but how can i have i can pay only original fare

  7. This is a great promotion, thank you 9 to 5 mac.

  8. so cool! I can’t buy it and my old phone is broken :(

  9. It would mean the WORLD if I have one!!!!

  10. i will run for you 13 miles just send me iphone and pray every day

  11. Give me i’m Poor !! :)

  12. Alright he goes nothing

  13. Thank you for offering this great giveaway. I wanted to send a post to let you know my entries. I follow on @9to5Mac on twitter under @kcsweeps2013 handle. I also retweeted the tweet at the following link: I shared the Facebook post at the following link: Good Luck to all those who entered. Hope everyone has a great Day!

  14. just pick all of us every one will keep it for a while than give it to another so every body will be happy, heheeeheee

  15. Done. Btw, beautiful skins! *heart*

  16. I hope if i win the iPhone, that would be a lifetime experience !

  17. Hope this contest isn’t over yet! Just entered :S
    Would LOVE to win a GOLD iPhone 5S !!!

  18. Plv Rao says:

    Those “Poverty-Trippers” make me sick. I’m thankful for having more than what I need and just about more than what I want …. Except for .. except for .. WAIDDAMINUTE THAR!!! Here it comes: Yessss!! I just bust a nut! Than-Q-Lord! I needed that !! Now if I could only get my slimy hands on a free iPhone 5S – Heck! Any darn iPhone will do – that would really make my day!

  19. it has all it takes to build oneself, its just perfect and i only seek an opportunity to maximize the product with care

  20. euann19 says:

    i have no phone since i enter college i think if you give me a phone like this iphone 5 it will be good.. and i think it would help me on my school.. im from philippines.. please pick me :)

  21. Jade Simpson says:

    awesome i want one so bad my bothers and sisters have one i hav gone on it andi really want one too

    i used to have a phone but someone stole it
    it would be awesome if i won

  22. Jade Simpson says:

    it would be so cool has anyone won yet

  23. I would love to win.Because my son left his in a cab never recovered.

  24. Curly Tewi says:

    i want to experience once im my life to have a own iphone… Ever since the Iphone created, i just always seen in commercials or add.. And Every time i seen one of them to other people . what can i say Lucky for them that they have .that can of famous gadget in the world.. if i have this What can i say “” My precious””.

  25. i would love to at least have a phone. If I would win one i would be so happy and thankful. But I doubt that I will win. My dad said hes not going to buy me a phone until my 14 and im 12.

  26. Ni Raz Sth says:

    hope to win iphone 5s!

  27. want to win a iphone 5s …. as I had heard the contest provided by you the I thanxx to god .. so please help me …. I am from india ….

  28. vaibhav goel says:

    plz i want an iphone 5s. i really want one.

  29. i know my dream will never happen to have an iphone which i am dying for it best phone ever my family is always fighting and they cant pay me my friend make fun of me i wanted just to give it a try and i kow it wont happen