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Yesterday, we saw Apple’s models for the new Campus 2 project. Today, Cupertino released this video of the council meeting where Apple presented. The Campus 2 video Apple produced looks like an Apple product video. I really like it, especially the Steve Jobs bits.

Apple also released an updated project plan including more solar roofing (below). 

PROPOSED PROJECT The proposed project is the redevelopment of the approximately 176-acre project site into a new campus for Apple, Inc. (Apple). Apple is a corporation, established in Cupertino in 1976, that designs and markets consumer electronics, consumer software, and personal computers.

The project site currently comprises buildings with office and research and development uses1 which would be replaced as part of the proposed project. The campus would be self-contained and would include office, research and development space, parking, employee amenities, and a central utility plant. In addition, a segment of Pruneridge Avenue would be vacated by the City to allow for the development of a unified and secure campus. The Glendenning Barn, currently located north of Pruneridge Avenue, would be relocated to an on- or off-site location. As part of the project, Apple would also undertake changes to local roadways in the vicinity of the site. The project designer is the architectural and planning firm Foster + Partners, headed by Norman Foster. The landscape designer is OLIN, a landscape architecture and planning firm, headed by Laurie Olin.

The project would result in the demolition of all structures within the project site (consisting of approximately 2,657,000 square feet of building space) and the ultimate construction of 3,420,000 square feet of office, research, and development uses; 245,000 square feet of auditorium, fitness center, and Valet Parking Reception uses; 92,000 square feet of utility plants; and parking and ancillary buildings (such as security receptions and landscape maintenance buildings). Proposed buildings are designed to be energy efficient and to use renewable energy, much of which would be produced on-site (via photovoltaic infrastructure and fuel cells). Please refer to Chapter III, Project Description, for additional detail.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 10.02.54 AM

(Can’t see the Flash Video? Download MP4 here starting at 8 mins)

Cupertino via MacG

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8 Responses to “Apple shows off its Campus 2 project video to Cupertino”

  1. At what point in this video does Apple’s video roll?


  2. drtyrell969 says:

    Let’s just conclude that making presentations is an aspiring talent for Dan. I’ve rarely heard such disingenuous ass kissing in my life. This building will be done just in time for Google to buy the building for 10 cents on the dollar.


    • Vida András says:

      I will try to explain you some things: A presentation has to be simple, understandable for everyone, especially when you are trying to convince the city council for construction.

      This presentation did not contained any ass kissing, because it was just a presentation, about the most advanced building to be constructed in point of architecture and environment. The council had questions, and they were answered. Simple communication.

      Google has nothing to do with this construction. It will be lucky, if Apple doesn’t purchase Google some point in the future. But it won’t, because Apple needs competitors to stay on the edge of technology. Keep in mind that Apple is the most valuable brand in this point of history.

      You think you have a valid opinion about creativity with the user name “drtyrell969″, and behaviour. Just look at yourself. If you have this strong negative opinion, at least give some reasons why.

      Only a Sith talks in absolutes.


    • mockery17 says:

      Your trolling skills are just horrible.


      • drtyrell969 says:

        Yeah I’m trolling jackass, and I suppose everyone in your life that differs with you is doing the same right? Hey Hipster, you’re the demise of Apple. Historically people like you, factless fanboys, aided and abetted crappy CEO after crappy CEO after Steve left in 1985. I knew Steve and worked with him, can your enlightened soul claim the same? Apple is turning into the very thing he vowed NEVER to allow, a tyrannical 1984 NSA spoofing cousin to IBM. His dying wish was to spend every dime in the bank to battle Google. Tim Cook instantaneously caved after Steve’s death. Building a beautiful UFO in Cupertino has no meaning if the core charter of not being 1984 matters, which it did to Steve.


      • @ drtyrell969
        There there, let it all out

        feeling better now?


    • tallestskil says:

      So you’re a worthless idiot who has never so much as attended a city council meeting. I imagine you don’t even have a clue what a city council is.

      Get bent. How pathetic do you have to be to waste your time on a website about a company you hate?