Via Wikipedia

Via Wikipedia

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According to his discography page, Owl City founder and singer Adam Young is the creator of iOS 7’s sounds. While the visual design changes are most evident in the new operating system, another noticeable change is how most of the regular sounds are revamped and a slew of new ring and text tones are included. Even before Young was revealed as the creator, many noted how the sounds seemed like Owl City’s style:

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 3.50.53 PM

It is uncertain if Young created all of the tones and sounds, but his involvement in the development alongside Apple has now been made public.

Thanks Rahul!

Update: This entry has removed from Young’s list, likely at Apple’s request.

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17 Responses to “Owl City’s Adam Young reveals himself as creator of iOS 7’s sounds (Update:removed)”

  1. I suspected this when I first heard them!


  2. msqueenn says:

    He is a twinkley, nature loving kind of guy, so it kind of doesn’t surprise me, but I LOVE his music =)


  3. stenar says:

    I dislike most of them.


  4. rettun1 says:

    Maybe he did it as a joke


  5. Juan says:

    Never been a fan of his music but some of the ringtones in the new OS are at least pleasant to listen to.


  6. I looove his music! He’s a great artist.


  7. Wow really. My idol Owl City! Good job!


  8. He makes horribly lame music. It’s all click track and auto tuned garbage. He is everything wrong with modern pop music. Disgusting and disposable. He is like a computer age Pat Boone. I want to drive spike through my ears when I hear the sound that he makes. I refuse to call it music it sucks so bad. I wish there was a law banning him from releasing anything in the future. Did I mention I don’t like him as an artist.


    • Nobody is forcing you to listen to his music, and nobody is forcing you to even call it music (to your standards). Artists are free to express themselves. It’s okay to not like something they produce, but it’s not okay to attack someone verbally about what they have done. You can choose to leave his music where it is and move on to something else without bashing his character and therefore ruining your own.


    • Everyone’s has their own taste on music. If you want to comment something bad you should shut up and keep it to yourself, because you are trying to defame someone or for short you’re ruining someone’s reputation especially a great artist like him.


  9. Lizzie Bui says:

    Look at all the hate :v


  10. I can’t find Nadia Belieber Niffi on Facebook and Twitter.