As always in the run up to a launch event, the Apple Store has been taken offline for updates ahead of today’s iPad-focused event. Apple has also taken down iWork for iCloud, promising that it will be back in a few hours with “great new features.”


Additionally, Apple has updated its homepage with a promo for the event … 


There’ll be live streaming video coverage, and we’ll of course keep you informed throughout.

We can expect to see the store reappear with the new iPad 5, retina iPad Mini 2, Haswell-powered MacBook Pros and perhaps a refreshed Apple TV (but not an Apple Television …).

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5 Responses to “Apple Store goes down for updates in run-up to launch event (Update: iWork on iCloud goes down as well)”

  1. David Fell says:

    Somebody forgot: they’re not supposed to do linen anymore!


  2. “iPad focused event”???? How about MAC-focused event!!


    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      We’re expecting a relatively minor bump to the MacBook Pros – better battery-life, better graphics – and of course the Mac Pro was already announced, so the iPads are going to get all the attention …


  3. Omar Sharif says:

    Can I live stream the event from a Windows 7 device ?