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The updated versions of iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand are now making their way onto the Mac App Store. The icon for iPhoto has been updated on the store, but it’s still displaying “iPhoto ’11” at this time. The latest version released today, 9.5, is available though if you press the install or update button.

Update: For those with boxed/retail versions of iLife, Apple is slowly rolling out the ability to upgrade for free. Keep checking your “Updates” tab in the Mac App Store. If you already made a purchase today, you can hit “Report a Problem” in the Account section of the Store and request a refund.

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6 Responses to “New iLife for Mac apps are live on Mac App Store”

  1. Jean Thomsen says:

    Notice that the new iMovie has higher requirements for the graphics card than the other iSuite apps – I could upgrade all my apps from iWork and ilife – but not the iMovie due to a small graphics card on my current iMac media 2007…


  2. PMZanetti says:

    Having a real hard time accessing the App Store. Can’t see the new Updates, even though there is a badge of 5. When I try to download Mavericks, I see some random email address hardcoded into apple id user name field (even though I’m logged in with my id)


  3. Is it correct to have to pay for these if you already have the old version and not buying a new computer? I may have loaded from a CD originally.


  4. pavelprucha says:

    I’ve got iPhoto on CD with my MacBook Pro which i’ve bought in May 2011. Will I be able to update to newer version?


  5. Jan Maly says:

    Apple moved my boxed Aperture to Mac App Store for free as well. Super cool!!!