Earlier today Apple unveiled the new iPad Air as its fifth generation full-sized iPad and the new iPad mini with Retina display alongside new MacBook Pros, the new Mac Pro, and OS X Mavericks. We have a roundup of all of today’s announcements in our NewsHub here, but below is a roundup of some hands-on videos of the new iPads live from Apple’s event today:




Slash Gear:






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2 Responses to “Roundup: Hands-on with the new iPad Air & iPad mini with Retina Display”

  1. patte379 says:

    I’m not that impressed with the unveiling this year. There is only so much you can do before you have to do a reboot of devices and for Apple, it’s that time. The new Macbooks are wonderful and it’s great to see Apple doing more with the processors, screen and software. The idea of Maverick using less cpu and letting the user have the ability to have more control over what’s running (easier control more like it) is great.

    Just another product showing. Nothing exciting.


  2. No doubt, most successful iphone launch, a truly innovative new desktop, thinner lighter 64bit iPad… http://kwn.me/kcd9