Apple just wrapped up its Q4 earnings call where CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer went over some of the numbers discussed in its fourth quarter report, including record iPhone sales up 26% from last year to 33.8m units. Apple’s growth may not be as pronounced as in past quarters, but it appears that with its new iPhones and software it has been able to maintain what looks like more sustainable growth going into the holidays and next year.

Tim Cook hinted new product categories could be on the horizon, but even without a completely new product Apple was able to beat expectations by just about every metric. Here is a roundup of the notable numbers mentioned by Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer during Apple’s earnings call today that weren’t included in its fourth quarter results:

15 strategic acquisitions this year. That’s around one every 3-4 weeks, or 6 since Tim Cook confirmed 9 acquisitions back in May.

-$55-$58 billion revenue estimate for Q1 2014

-$146.8 billion in cash, 76% offshore.

-Returned over $36 billion to shareholders in dividends and share repurchases in last 5 quarters


-33.8m iPhone sold in the quarter, up 26%, record Sept. quarter

-150 million iPhone sales in fiscal 2013

-14.3 million total iPhones in channel inventory at end of quarter. 4-6 weeks of iPhone channel inventory on a look-forward basis.


-14.1M iPads sold in the quarter

-71 million iPads in fiscal 2013

-94% of tablets in education are iPad

-Best Education quarter ever. Up 8% YOY. iPad up 22% YOY. Mac up 8% YOY. $1 billion in Education revenues in a Quarter for the first tim

-99% customer satisfaction rate


-$4.4B in iTunes Store sales, $4.3B in iTunes software/services revenue for Q4

-$16B in revenue in iTunes software/services for fiscal 2013

-60 billion app downloads

-20 million iTunes Radio listeners


-iPhone sales up 36% per store, per week from last year

-49 stores opened or remodelled this year

-8 new stores opened in Q4, 2 remodelled, 99 million visitors. 416 stores total, 162 outside US, $10.9 million in revenue in Q4.

-30 new stores coming in 2014, 20 remodels. 2/3rds outside the US.


-4.6 million Macs sold, down from 4.9 last year

-16 million Macs in fiscal 2013

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9 Responses to “Numbers from Apple’s Q4 earnings call: 15 acquisitions, 94% of tablets in education, 30 new stores in 2014”

  1. That’s a cheeseburger smile if I ever saw one.


  2. How is that Mac number, compared to ZERO Mac Pro’s in the EU since march?
    Mac Pro’s were banned due to environmental certifications..!


  3. Why haven’t Apple conquered the Nordic countries? Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland have a huge wealth, but the only two(TWO!!!) stores are in Sweden. They could really earn a lot of money up here, both in retail but also on iTunes with Tv-Shows and Music in the cloud. #PullYourselfTogetherAPPLE


  4. New store in Lisbon.. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  5. I like Tim Cook, But man that smile makes me want to punch him.


  6. We look forward to the day when Apple successfully penetrates the corporate/enterprise world and rack up those Mac sales figures. Perhaps Apple could develop an “enterprise Mac” with optimized keyboard/shortcut configurations for the accounting/finance folks.