Dropbox today announced some big upcoming changes to Dropbox for Business, its paid enterprise offering that provides accounts for multiple users and enhanced security, support, and team management features. The big new feature is the ability to connect your business account to your personal account and use both simultaneously (pictured above), but the screenshots of an upcoming iOS 7 redesign for Dropbox is what really caught our eye.

Above is the image posted to Dropbox’s blog today showing a completely redesigned iOS app. It looks a lot like a couple images that we’ve got our hands on of the upcoming redesign. Head below for two more shots:

Dropbox says the new Business features are rolling out later this month, so we’ll have to keep our eyes out for the redesigned iOS 7 app in the coming weeks.

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18 Responses to “First look at Dropbox’s upcoming iOS 7 redesign”

  1. Great, more gratuitous white. Another app I can use as a flashlight.


  2. rogifan says:

    What would make it inspiring? Black background? Green felt? Faux leather or gray linen?


  3. I get where they’re going with this design, they’re not there yet. I’d say the chance of success with half-baked minimalism is very slight.


  4. i’ve been liking all the ios 7 app redesigns, except for this one..


  5. usability on ios7 still sucks.. it has a more contemporary design language but its not better or easier to use..


    • It’s practically the same OS, man. How can a change in color make it harder to use? Windows changed the Start button colors, but that doesn’t mean Windows got harder to use.


      • First of all I’m a UX designer. I have been designing UI and creative since the 90’s-present. I say ios7 is under cooked. There are a TON of rough edges wrapped up in a shiny package with a bow. While io6 looks dated there were aspects that felt more direct. Its really hard to put a finger on its like an x factor. I have been running ios7 for months and it still feels vapid and I just dont think Steve would have let it out the door. It needed another 6months-year in the oven.


      • I agree with @groundmedia. I’ve also been doing UI/UX design for 13 years and form and function in many places on iOS 7 are out of balance. Overall I like it, but it needs work. It feels unfinished and the lack of contrast in many places leaves it feeling cold. I’m sorry but tiny, hard to hit words as buttons don’t make for an easy to use UI.

        That fact that you think the change from iOS 6 to iOS 7 was merely a color change, tells me you don’t know anything about UI or UX design. “Practically the same OS”? Do yourself a favor and stop commenting.


  6. zoidbert says:

    I do surely wish that Dropbox had a file transfer app along the lines of YouSendIt (aka Hightail), DropSend, etc. I don’t need to collaborate, don’t need just a link, I need a sending service that shows download receipts & times.


  7. Remy Konings says:

    They’ll better be adding a “Rename” function! it’s unbelieveble that the mobile app on iOS misses such a useful feature.


  8. sardonick says:

    Big upcoming changes, like making it as fugly as iOS 7. (oh, and wordpress stinks for comments. )


  9. Looks clean, but like most of the iOS 7 redesigns: generic as f*ck…


  10. Edas Haha says:

    Boxie application way better


  11. It looks clean but could also be a Settings page inside iOS7. Look and feel of Dropbox is gone. Such a shame.