All the way back in May, Google announced that its new Google Music “All Access” service will be arriving on iOS in the coming “weeks.” However, months have gone by and nothing has launched for iOS. A report last month indicated that the app would arrive at the end of October, and @evleaks has now claimed that the launch is “imminent.” If the app does indeed arrive soon, you can expect full coverage on 9to5.

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3 Responses to “Google Music for iOS launch reportedly is ‘imminent’”

  1. Eyal Yeruham says:

    it would certainly be about time.. and a retina version of the OS X version would also be nice…


  2. Aaron Renner says:

    I sure freaking hope so. I’m getting really tired of waiting. A ton of my fellow complainants on the Google forum have already given up and switched back to alternatives. The only reason I have stuck it out this long is the cost savings of the early adopter price over Spotify. If I don’t have an official app on my phone by Jan 1, I am jumping ship too.


  3. I wonder if the iOS version will let you store the music on the device for offline listening like it does on my Android phone. That makes Google Music the best music app option by far. I’d love that option on the iPad.