While Apple’s Black Friday deals started going live in Australia and elsewhere today with Apple Store Gift Cards in place of traditional discounts, it appears Apple will be offering discounts and not gift cards in at least some countries. The UK, France, Germany and other European Apple Online Stores have now started posting Black Friday promotions with discounts on iPads, MacBooks, iPods, Apple TV, and many accessories.

In the UK, MacBooks and iMacs are discounted £80, while iPods are going for as much as £25 off for the iPod touch and iPads as much as £31 for the iPad Air. Those discounts convert into around €101 on MacBooks and € 35  for the iPad Air in France, Germany and other EU countries. Apple is also offering € 21 off iPad mini, € 31 off iPad 2, € 11 off iPod nano, € 21 off the Apple TV, and as much as € 30 of AirPorts and other third-party accessories.

Earlier today we reported that Apple’s decision to offer only gift cards this year in some countries was partly due to avoiding preparation associated with running the promotion. We also noted Apple won’t be price matching discounts from other retailers this Black Friday. 

Deals in the U.S. and Canada should go live at midnight later tonight. 

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One Response to “Apple’s Black Friday deals go live in UK & other EU countries with discounts, not gift cards”

  1. weakguy says:

    Giftcard for Australia but actual discounts for Europe. Maybe Apple is going to offer gift card AND discount in the US! Yay yay yay! Not gonna happen.