As we predicted, Apple’s Black Friday deals take the form of gift cards rather than discounts. The Australian store is first to come online with the promotion.

Buy a Mac, and you get a gift card for AUS$150 ($137), an iPad gets you AUS$75 ($68) and an iPod AUS$50 ($45) – with a range of gift card values on selected accessories. It’s likely these amounts will be rounded in the USA.

There appears to be no gift card with the Retina iPad Mini (only with the non-Retina model), likely a reflection of the limited supplies available and that Apple knows it will sell well into the holiday season without incentives.

While the gift card amounts are slightly more generous than past discounts (last year Apple offered $100 discount on a Mac), the fact that you have to lay out the full amount for a credit that has to be spent later may limit appeal …

We’ve posted some answers to common questions about the deal. 

As ever, the best deals are likely to be found elsewhere. Keep up with the latest deals and news by following 9to5Toys on TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari Push to get updated deals as the day progresses. For Apple’s products, we’ll be updating the 9to5Mac Product pages all day long.

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12 Responses to “As predicted, Apple’s Black Friday ‘deals’ go live and are gift card only, no discounts”

  1. Mario Amato says:

    I’ve just bought a retina mid configuration with a student discount…can i call Apple and ask about this gift card or they will laugh of me?


  2. iayork says:

    Can the gift cards be used to buy AppleCare on the Mac?


  3. kplayaja says:

    FYI: They price match in the store. Just sayin’


  4. Oflife says:

    Here in the UK, Apple have discounted the actual products, no gift card required!


  5. M Allman says:

    Apple UK is directly giving discounts, not gift cards!