Gaming specialist Razer is joining MOGA and Logitech in launching a game controller for the iPhone after Apple created an MFI program to licence support for hardware controllers.


Leaked photos from @evleaks show it to be similar in appearance to the Logitech controller, though a hinge allows the iPhone to tilt up 45 degrees and, like the MOGA unit, it is said to be equipped with additional buttons on the shoulders of the device. The action buttons are apparently backlit.

Razer’s company motto is For Gamers, By Gamers and it claims that all its execs live and breathe gaming.

Just ask our CEO, who will happily lay the smack down on you in Quake Live or our President, who has over ten level 80’s on his local server. Hell, he will even take you on a raid in the middle of the work day.


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4 Responses to “Razer to join PowerA and Logitech in the iPhone game controller battle”

  1. They seriously need to stop with the iPhone only controllers and build something for both iPhone and iPad. Also, no analogue sticks? GTA SA is out this month and it’ll be unplayable with this and the logitech controller. I don’t want to get the MOGA because it’s iPhone only and I prefer gaming on my Retina Mini.


  2. Convincing, Razer always does great gaming peripherals. But if that grille underneath the home button indicates a speaker (and thus the effort to build in a better speaker), WHY wouldn’t they go for stereo sound!?


    • Tim Jr. says:

      It’s not what you think.. it’s an echo chamber, they just created it so the sound from the iPhone can be echoed out to the front. No actual speaker.


  3. I want one that doesn’t make me remove my case.