If you thought the gaming performance of Apple’s 64-bit A7 chip was good, there is likely even better to come in future following ARM’s acquisition of 3D gaming specialist Geomerics.

Geomerics specialises in photo-realistic graphics, and its technology is used in games like Battlefield 4, Inquisition and Primal Carnage. The company’s Enlighten system means that once a light-source like the sun has been positioned in a scene, Enlighten takes care of generating all the shadows, reports VentureBeat.

“Enlighten has helped EA provide new levels of realism and gameplay experience in titles such as our highly popular Battlefield franchise,” said Carl Almgren, Head of Development, Frostbite Game Engine. “We’re delighted that ARM is committed to on-going development on all the key game console platforms and graphics architectures, as well as the on-going development of Geomerics’ technologies.”

The company will be a subsidiary of ARM, but continue to operate independently.

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2 Responses to “Expect even better 3D gaming from A8 chip as ARM acquires Geomerics”

  1. chikinfeey says:

    I would imagine the chip designs for the A8 are pretty much already set in stone. ARM acquiring this company may affect the A9 and beyond but I have a hard time believing any of their technology will show up in less than a year.


  2. Imagination Technologies, not ARM, has developed the graphics cores in the previous iPhone SoC’s. Apple would have to switch to ARM for this to happen, and given their past dominance in graphics with the PowerVR series, i don’t think they are going to switch to ARM.