What you see above is the culmination of too many late weekends spent online, dozens of hours studying Google Maps street view, and perhaps a little too much free time. About two years ago I decided to re-create Apple’s Headquarters in Minecraft. The project seemed difficult, but I figured at a modest scale i could accomplish it relatively quickly.

The entire complex is designed to be a realistic representation of the Apple campus (at least as realistically as Minecraft allows). In order to design the campus with a high level of accuracy, I created a system where 1 Minecraft block= half the width of the typical office window. From there, I was able to judge the scale of not only the buildings themselves, but the trees, parking lot, and surrounding facilities.

While I initially planned to create only the IL buildings themselves, I quickly decided that it would be beneficial to also create the surrounding landscape, and attempt to build the interior of the campus as well. Since photos inside the Apple Campus are scarce, I was able to piece together enough information only to roughly outline what it might look like inside, although I was able to build The Company Store, 1 Infinite Loop atrium, as well as most of 4 Infinite Loop which contains Caffe Macs and the Apple Town Hall.

Now that the build is complete, I think it’s time to take a break from Minecraft. Although, it just about time for Apple to start construction on their Campus 2 project…

If you’d like to download the map for yourself, or check out more renders of the building, those links are available here.

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5 Responses to “How I designed Apple’s headquarters in Minecraft”

  1. Tallest Skil says:

    Ah, the annual winter dearth of news.


  2. You didn’t DESIGN anything. You replicated it! it’s a big difference!


  3. Tech says:

    That looks like it should’ve taken ages! You must have quite a bit of spare time!


  4. weakguy says:

    Wow! This is amazing! How long did it take you? And so much detail. Just incredible. Good job!