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Just days after the first public release of OS X 10.9.1, Apple has seeded the first beta of OS X 10.9.2 to developers. The update is available in the Mac App Store for registered developers, an Apple asks testers to focus on Mail, Messages, VPN, Graphics Drivers and VoiceOver. Apple also issued a VPN update to Mavericks Server fixing a connection issue.

Update: We’ve learned about new features in 10.9.2:

  • FaceTime audio has been integrated deeply into the Messages and FaceTime apps
  • Minor tweaks in Mail

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30 Responses to “Apple seeds first OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 beta, brings FaceTime Audio to Macs”

  1. I’ve been waiting for graphics drivers to be updated, there are clearly issues, at least on my iMac. I am anxiously waiting for this update.

  2. At this point, Apple should simply just re-write from the ground up. FFS. Are they really expecting me to believe that the problems in in 10.7/10.8 were SO significant that it has taken a year and half development cycle (two and a half years, since 10.7 shipped) to FIX them?

    Especially ridiculous because Mail worked much better in 10.7. Or are we just really gonna have to wait until 10.10 for Apple to get working correctly? Because by the time 10.9.2 ships, Mavericks will be 4 months old in a 12 month “life”. How is one of the core apps of an OS release broken for nearly half of its lifetime???

    • Would be nice. Might not happen till we get a ui overhaul with the next os. I’d expect cleaner toolbar ui and maybe pulldown to refresh to make it’s way in as an osx UI paradigm. I keep doing it safari’s shared links area and I want to do it for mail too. Also, why the heck does mail need to be open to get new notifications but safari doesn’t? I want mail to be like on my phone. where I never open it but still know when I get an email and then when I close the window it’s gone.

      • Mail runs on iOS, in the background, constantly. A real pain in the ass on older, lower memory devices. On my original iPad (admittedly still running iOS 5.1), Mail runs even though I have it sent to Fetch Manually. Could save ~20MB of RAM if the stupid thing would just quit Mail. I wasn’t aware that Mail in Mavericks didn’t get notifications if it was closed, but I guess that just means that Apple isn’t following their own Dev guidelines and using a helper app/process to check and pull mail. Sigh. No surprise there.

        I just want Mail on Mavericks to go back to working correctly, like in 10.8. Rules that work again, Junk mail that actually gets routed to the Junk folder when marked from a Smart Mailbox, rather than remaining to litter my mailboxes. Messages to actually MOVE to mailboxes that I drag-move them to. Just a death by a thousand cuts in since 10.9 shipped. Terrible QA.

    • “Or are we just really gonna have to wait until 10.10 for Apple to get working correctly?”

      I think you mean OS 11. 10.10 would just be 10.1. Mavericks is supposed to signal the end of the “cat” series.

      • There is no evidence at this point that Apple will transition to OS 11 rather than OS X 10.10. Only Apple knows…
        Certainly, with the level of bugginess of Mavericks, it would not provide a very good “transition” platform to a next major release like OS XI or OS 11 or whatever.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      Works wonderfully, has always worked wonderfully.

      Just stop using Gmail. Why you’d want Google to have your information is your problem.

      • I thought maybe you were sarcasm trolling on the Mac Pro post, but now I’m not so sure. Yes, I use with Gmail accounts. But they are all secondary accounts, and the problems are with my primary non-Gmail IMAP accounts. All the problems were non-existant in 10.7; 10.8 was bad, but not THIS bad.

        I filed almost a dozen bugs with Apple against prior to the 10.9 GM shipping and they all returned as duplicates. That means they are real bugs, repeatable for all users, and really happen…and have nothing to do with Gmail. None of the bugs got fixed in the interim Mail update or 10.9.1. They are significant bugs, although do not cause data loss. 10.9.1 brought at least two new bugs. The inordinate amount of bugs in Mavericks Mail is well-documented all over the internet.

        I’m still holding out that you are sarcasm trolling…otherwise your contributions are both unhelpful and foolish. Apple is a big boy, it doesn’t need elementary-school-level-child cheerleading from the fanbase whitewashing its flaws and failures. Apple will be better if we hold it to account; we all benefit that way.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Sounds a lot like the answer’s already readily apparent to you. You’re the only thing standing in its way.

  3. now if they can get screen sharing integrated with iOS and osX. It would make troubleshooting my mom’s iPad so much easier. Even on macs It’s super confusing to do it now that no one uses Aim accounts anymore and the buddy list is hidden. Try explaining to your parent’s that you can fix their computer but they need to make an aim account first.

    • You have to troubleshoot an iPad? Really? What exactly are you needing to fix on a regular basis on an *iPad*?

    • Scott Bryson says:

      There’s screen sharing in Messages…

      • yes, it’s in messages…. if you have an AIM account set up. Which most people don’t have anymore. I recently discovered that you can create an aim account and use your apple id and password and it will work so you don’t need to create a new aim screen name.

        The point is it doesn’t just work. I need to guide them over the phone how to create a new account in messages.

        There is also already audio and video chats in messages but they are moving to FaceTime. I’m just saying that it would make sense for them to migrate screen sharing over too and that it would be great if it worked for iOS and mac.

  4. tilalabubakr says:

    that is gr8…
    but what about conference calls?
    adding this feature will send Skype to the graveyard.

  5. Hey I know, why don’t you actually FIX this time instead of just TELLING US that it is.

    Sorry, sorry, I know Im asking too much… O_o

  6. How do you get those black notifications?

  7. kentkd34 says:

    I think the more integration or convergence between iOS and OSX, the more issues there will be.
    When that started is when I started to have more OSX issues, and the trend is always up since that point.
    Mac user since 1988, I have a long memory of what works and what does not.

  8. the problem has been resolved to the finder (slowness in view thumbnails files)?

  9. I just really wish they’d fix the audio issue on Facetime. Whenever I’m using Facetime all other audio (Youtube, iTunes, Movies…etc) is extremely muted. It is such a frustrating thing. I understand why they have this feature in there…but give me an option to turn it off!

  10. Eyal Yeruham says:

    Anybody having issues partitioning their SSD using Boot Camp assistant on Mavericks?
    I’m not sure if it’s my SSD or the OS..

  11. The OS and the application must support a 10-bit display pipeline.
    How can it be that Windows, firepro and the mini displayport supported it but an such expensive mashine like the Mac Pro, who is designed for video editing, cant display it on our wide gamut displays who support 10bit.

    I hope that apple solve that issue soon as possible.

  12. Jim Reardon says:

    Sadly, 10.9.2 seems to have broken Mail support for IMAP/Gmail once again. It would be comic, if it were not so disruptive. I’m back to Postbox again, and hoping against hope that somebody at Apple relieves the person or team that are making all these mistakes. Support for Gmail isn’t “optional” — it is an advertised feature of the product. Furthermore, Gmail is the largest e-mail platform on the planet. It’s not difficult to support. Somebody at Apple definitely has their priorities misplaced. A broken Mail application will result in lost computer sales.

    Apple Mail is beautifully integrated with OSX. Fixing integration with Gmail is trivial, as IOS and Postbox both demonstrate.

  13. Sam Z. says:

    Will this version of OSX Mavericks have support for Ive Bridge -E Processors?

  14. please for the love of god.. i just bought a early 2013 15″ rMBP and the wifi disconnection issues are unbearable. for this price of a computer it is completely ridiculous and should have been found in testing