We’ve already seen a lot of the Mac Pro including the review roundupiFixit teardown, Environmental Improvements, manufacturing woes, pricing and even black Thunderbolt cables and stickers. But, we’re big fans of Michael Kukielka’s videos and the Mac Pro does not disappoint.

Looking for even more? AnandTech published his very detailed and positive review earlier and grab buying advice in our Products section.

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6 Responses to “Apple Mac Pro: Unboxing, detailed overview, & benchmarks”

  1. Jack Zahran says:

    For $500 more you could have purchased a dual D700. Hmm?


  2. That was a great overview. This machine is definitely outside my range in both professional demands and price range but my goodness it is a thing of beauty both in terms of hardware engineering and aesthetics.


  3. This is why I love Apple. Look at the packaging, the whole product. It just simply said – ‘works’.


  4. Would I be banned if I said… you suck! Oh, man, and me with no money!! That’s a sweet computer.


  5. damn you! I’ve no need for it nor money, but I want one!