Toshiba MacBook Pro

Toshiba’s new Chromebook at CES looks a lot like LG, Samsung, and HP notebooks from IFA. “Leading Innovation”


CES coverage brought to you by Belkin

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8 Responses to “Toshiba: “Leading Innovation””

  1. Julian Ngu says:

    It’s like Chrome in MacBook Pro/Air.


  2. Consumer response in a store: “Hey, it’s a MacBook Air! Wait, why is there only Chrome? How am I supposed to do anything? What the [cuss word, most likely] am I supposed to do with this Chromebook thing?” Now I know a few people with Chromebooks and they like them. But for a completely uneducated consumer who knows nothing about them, they’ll think it’s a MacBook Air until they start using it.


  3. Clearly Leading
    Clearly Innovation
    Clearly Toshiba has run out of ideas.


  4. Dude, you call that “Leading Innovation”


    It’s called, leading copy-cat… look at the keyboard, it’s very similiar to MBP at all, and it even copied the most thing I hate about MBP keyboard – the world smallest arrow keys!

    I am not big Apple-fan, but this is very obvious it’s a copy-cat product.

    Shame on you.


  5. Joe Tee says:

    All I can say is lol


  6. And herein lies the folly of the OS boxes:

    They have NOTHING unique to offer.

    They’re just hardware repositories for whatever the OS of the year is. There’s no reason for Toshiba or anyone else to innovate or do anything remotely interesting. Right off the bat 75% of their marketing is stripped from their control. It’s a Chromebook. Any R&D they do would instantly price them out of the market. What good would hardware R&D do when at the end of the day it runs the same crippled OS that runs on the other guy’s cheap crap? 0% marketing incentive. I just feel sorry for the designers & engineers that work for these companies. I can relate.


  7. the sad part is, unknowing customers would think, apple copied these copy-cats.