Screenshot 2014-01-15 10.55.57The video screenshot above is a re-enactment from Romanian TV

Some “James Bond” thievery was reported in Germany yesterday. According to the story, thieves pulled up behind a moving truck carrying Apple products on its way to the Czech Republic. They then got out and climbed onto the hood of the SUV, broke open the truck’s door and removed about 160 iPads and iPhones, all while the truck driver was unaware and unable to see anything happening.

The Google translation is almost as entertaining as the video re-enactment:

How hurrying officials of the police station Kassel-east and the staff of the forensic noted the perpetrator had the security lock of the tarp apparently cracked with a bolt cutter and stole a total of seven loaded pallets of electronics products high quality Apple products worth a total of around 70,000 euros.

The loot includes according to the police 125 iPads, four iPad mini, “probably” 30 iPhones and two keyboards of the Californian cult group. In the further investigation, the suspicion compacted that the cargo thieves had apparently slammed unnoticed while driving on the highway.

Makes those German smash and grabs seem boring

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5 Responses to “Stealing €70,000 of Apple products out of the back of a truck…at speed on a German highway”

  1. If it happened in Germany, why’s the pic showing info from the police in Romania?


  2. This video was recorded in June 2012 in Romania. It was not the actual robbery, but a redo of the original scene.

    The romanian police (DIICOT) caught a group of 20 romanians that were stealing from moving trucks. Among the stolen goods there were no Apple products, but only TVs, cigarettes and coffee. All stolen goods were estimated at Euro 300.000.

    See the original story and video here –


  3. The video on the NTV article first shows a scene from Romanian police, it is not affiliated with the actual robbery. It was used to depict the robbery though.


  4. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    I guess no one else on the road noticed anything unusual taking place. “Pass me one or two of those iPhones and I won’t tell the truck driver what you’re doing.”