Germany Stories December 27, 2016

In a small change to their online checkout system, Apple has removed the support for bank transfer payments (also known as prepayment) from their online store in Germany. It’s unclear if any other countries are currently affected in the online store change but the change today leaves German buyers with the choice of using a credit card, PayPal, or financing as payment options.

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Germany Stories March 29, 2016

Apple has today updated its list of iOS 9 feature availability to note the addition of its Maps ‘Nearby’ feature for more countries.

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Germany Stories July 31, 2015

News first surfaced earlier this year that Apple and BMW had engaged in negotiations over the possibility of the Cupertino company using components from the carmaker for its own electric vehicle project. The negotiations reportedly fell through following a visit by Tim Cook and other Apple execs to BMW in Germany, but a report from Reuters today adds that talks between the two companies “may be revived at a later stage.”

The report also shares some more insight into Cook’s visit to BMW, noting that talks have stalled due to Apple wanting to “explore developing a passenger car on its own”: expand full story

Germany Stories May 9, 2015

The recently released 12-inch MacBook will be available for purchase at all Apple Stores globally beginning the week of May 25th, according to a memo from Apple to its retail staff issued earlier today. Because of supply constraints, not unlike those for the also recently-launched Apple Watch, sales of the new MacBook have been mostly restricted to Apple’s Online Store…

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Germany Stories April 20, 2015

Second Apple Store in Cologne, Germany, appears confirmed by tables & spiral staircase markings

Long-standing rumors of a second Apple Store in Cologne, Germany, appear confirmed by the appearance of Apple’s trademark wooden tables on the upper floor, visible in photos taken from the building opposite. Macerkopf reports that Apple began renovation work after fashion brand Pohland moved out of the wedge-shaped building a few weeks ago.

One of the photos also shows what appear to be markings for the position of the other signature Apple Store feature: the glass staircase.

The site says that the store, located on Schildergasse, is unlikely to open before the fall. The existing Apple Store in Cologne is located at the Rhein Center.

Apfelpage has a closer view of the tables:

It was announced earlier this month that Apple will open its second retail store in Hangzhou, China, on Friday.

Germany Stories March 31, 2015

German Apple Stores have dropped Vodafone and O2 contracts for both iPhones and iPads, offering them only with Deutsche Telekom contracts or SIM-free. The change affects only post-paid contracts: pre-paid SIMs remain available on Vodafone. expand full story

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