Newsroom Stories February 24, 2015

Tim Cook Berlin

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As Tim Cook honors what would have been Steve Jobs’ 60th birthday, the Apple CEO has been spotted in Berlin, Germany. Specifically, Cook has made an appearance at the newsroom of BILD (Bild-Zeitung), the famous German newspaper, alongside the publication’s editors-in-chief Kai Diekmann and Julian Reichelt. expand full story

Newsroom Stories November 17, 2012

JFK worker found to be involved in $1.5M iPad heist from earlier this week

Following up its report earlier in the week of the massive $1.5 million iPad heist at New York’s JFK airport, the New York Post is now reporting that a JFK worker has been nabbed for involvement the crime. This heist interestingly took place in the same cargo hold as the 1978 Lufthansa heist in the movie “GoodFellas”.

The man accused, Renel Rene Richardson, was said to have made “suspicious inquiries to co-workers about the gadget shipment and where forklifts might be found, according to court papers.”

Richardson, who works at the Cargo Air Services building where the heist occurred, acted as a lookout and had two accomplices load pallets of iPads onto a truck and drive away. It appears Richardson is cooperating with authorities, as he helped them search for the iPads, although it is not known whether the devices have been recovered.

Newsroom Stories September 21, 2012


It sounds like actor Jeff Daniels, of “Dumb and Dumber” and “Newsroom”, narrates the first iPhone 5 ads.

“Thumbs” shows how the 4-inch screen is tailored to the windshield-wiper motion of your thumb:

“Cheese” shows the new panorama feature with a comical “cheeeeeeee *breath* eeese”:

Two more and a poll below:

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