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Apple is today touting a lot of new stats regarding Apple’s contribution to European economies. The company has done similar things for the United States, in the past. For Europe, Apple claims to have created or supported 629,000 jobs across Europe, with over 500,000 of those representing the ‘app economy’. Apple says this number is made up of employees whose jobs can be directly attributed to the App Store. Out of $20 billion in worldwide developer earnings, $6.5 billion has gone to European developers.

In 2014, Apple estimates the ‘app economy’ will add $86 billion to worldwide GDP this year. Aside from the App Store, Apple employees 16,000 Europeans directly and indirectly supports a total of 132,000 jobs elsewhere. The company has also calculated that 116,000 European jobs have been created at other companies as a result of Apple’s growth.

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Apple also says that there are 280,500 members of Apple’s paid developer program, including 52,200 in Germany and 30,000 in France, which have shared the $6.5 billion in App Store income, discussed above. It also estimates that there are over 20,000 iOS development jobs available now in the region.

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Apple pays special attention to Cork in Ireland, which has been criticised in the past for servicing Apple’s tax avoidance schemes. Approximately 10 percent of Apple’s worldwide corporate employees are in Cork. Apple is “thrilled to continue expanding in Cork with its new facility”, which will feature solar panels, roof-based rainwater harvesting and other environmental initiatives.

Apple also highlights its European retail stores as well as its suppliers, which handle manufacturing, materials and assembly. In total, Apple relies on 4,500 suppliers based in Europe. The company has 101 retail stores across eight countries in Europe, which each hire an average of 100 people.

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