Since launching its new ABC News channel on Apple TV a month ago, ABC today reached out with some stats on how people have been using the app and also announced the addition of new local stations.

Since Apple TV is still a relatively closed platform only available to select Apple partners, we often don’t hear much on stats in terms of viewers vs other platforms. Today we learn that in the first 30 days of being available on Apple TV, ABC News is experiencing users watching 50% more live video on Apple TV than on desktop and mobile combined. It also says viewers spend 65% more time per visit on Apple TV compared to desktop and that live video streams are making up around 20% of its total video views in the app.

In addition to the stats, ABC announced that it’s adding three more local stations to its live stream offerings including KOAT in Albuquerque, WCVB in Boston, and KITV in Honolulu. Those add to the 9 stations it launched with the app in late June. You can check out the full infograph with more stats from ABC News below:


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7 Responses to “ABC News viewers are watching 50% more live video on Apple TV than on desktop & mobile combined”

  1. chrisl84 says:

    Hopefully this will wake more networks up that people dont care to watch content from their laptops, they want it on their 50+ inch TV screens.


    • No, ideally you want it on all your devices. This is one of Steve Jobs ideas as to what the TV experience should be. It should be a selection of channels a particular user wants to watch, which are all synced to all of their devices through icloud, allowing you to seamlessly continue viewing on whatever device you wish to, at any given time.

      This right here is not what Steve’s idea was, though. you could make it amazing right now, and revolutionize TV, but the greedy idiotic content providers etc., won’t allow that to happen, and I don’t know that Apple will be capable of changing their minds like they did with music. Hopefully piracy becomes greater and greater until the morons realize it’s time for a change, a change to fair content delivery, and fair prices, among other things.


      • Brad Burke says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself Smoothies!


      • chrisl84 says:

        You seem to be under the impression that distributing content is easy and free. There are technical costs associated with all the different media devices that a company has to deliver content to. What this study shows is that content providers will get more return on their investment expense for providing their content to Apple TV verses making their channels available on an iPhone or Macbook by a significant margin. I assume you don’t run a business or else you’d know that you can’t just spew your product out of a fire house in all directions and expect to have a healthy income statement.

        Secondly, you have no clue what Jobs idea of TV was….no body does, he never elaborated. You have an idea of what YOU want TV to be and are projecting it on someone else who is no longer around to confirm or deny.


      • @chris read his quote and tell me he didn’t say that.


  2. PMZanetti says:

    This is why TV has taken the longest, and why it is so held tight by the networks….people turn it on and leave it on.
    Waaaay better than the traffic they’ll see on a mobile device or someone’s work computer.


  3. robertsm76 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney offered streaming for Thier channels though the iTunes Store soon

    It’s all set up. The channels are already there and they already have live streaming up and running. You just have to authenticate with a cable provider. Disney could bypass that authentication step in a second. Guy that runs Disney (Bob Iger) is on Apples board. He’d be for it.