A new Kickstarter campaign launched today to fund the Paradock, a new type of dock that can support multiple devices simultaneously, with or without cases.

The Paradock is made up of four parts. The largest part is the body, which houses everything. Any charging cable can be fed through the bottom of the body to the device, allowing compatibility with just about any mobile device, from iPhones and iPads to a variety of Android devices. The four main parts of the dock are held together magnetically for easy disassembly.

The front of the Paradock rotates to allow for landscape or portrait usage, and the heavy base allows the device to easily disconnect. The front also contains an acoustic amplifier to boost the volume of music and phone calls. There’s also a dual version that has a second dock on top of the body. The second dock is perfect for charging a tablet while your phone occupies the front slot. Like the front dock, the rear dock works with any charging cable.

The Paradock’s creator is looking for $27,000 to fully fund the production of the docks by February 7th.

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5 Responses to “Kickstarter: Paradock dual-dock concept for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices”

  1. Wow this thing is really ugly .

    am i the only one that thinks this ?


  2. Tarek Habib says:

    Am fine with the iPhone dock, but what did you do to the iPad, you chipped a part of the screen at the bottom which is so uncomfortable, and you have no access to the home button in case you wanted to use it.


  3. Your comments were heard and taken to heart. We have upgraded our design and surveyed our backers who unanimously agreed on the new version 8.8. So the iPad screen is not obscured and the home button is accessible. And we think the home new color looks better too. Let us know what you think.