As we mentioned last week, Apple has reintroduced the iPhone 4 on the market in India as a low cost option, reports The India Times.

While Apple’s iPhone 4 is still supported by its latest operating system iOS 7, it’s certainly not a stunning example of smartphone performance, and industry observers seem skeptical of Apple’s pricing on the 8GB smartphone (Rs 23,000) at about $370 USD.

That’s substantially higher than The India Times suspected Apple would price the iPhone 4 (it expected around $240 USD) following cold reception to the expensive iPhone 5s and still expensive iPhone 5c.

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4 Responses to “As expected, iPhone 4 once again available in India as less expensive option”

  1. Perry L says:

    Ripoff. My work supplied phone is a ip4 running iOS 7 and it is utter garbage, I have to wait for the diaper to finish loading before I can dial numbers. I don’t even have apps like LinkedIn installed because they run so poorly. And worst of all, there is no going back to iOS 6 which used to run like a champ on the same hardware.

    I would gladly trade it for a BB.


  2. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    Apple is simply trying to clear unused inventory with that iPhone 4. Apple doesn’t actually consider India worth their time and effort. Apple is simply throwing India consumers a few table scraps. I’m sure all those Indian consumers will go to the cheaper Samsung smartphones with large displays. I’m sure Apple knows that, too but Apple probably felt compelled to offer the Indians something.