Sadly, the bottom chart is probably more true than the top one.


A humorous response to Apple’s poetry-themed iPad ad.

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12 Responses to “Sad but (probably) true …”

  1. Drew Page says:

    That’s hilarious, and probably somewhat true (and kinda gross). For the record, I do not use my iPad mini while on the toilet.


  2. PMZanetti says:

    Not gonna lie…that’s beyond stupid.


  3. standardpull says:

    If true, America has a huge constipation problem.


  4. Super Dumb analysis… Whoever analyzed that probably is what they do all day. My son who is 2 years old is probably using the iPad (4th gen) seven hours a day, playing with all kinds of Game Apps, Youtube, etc… Sometimes I had to compete with him on usage so I’ve been planning to get the new iPad.


    • haha! There’s room for your kid on the chart. I’m sure that gross neglect/parenting by digital device fits under the “Other” category, don’t worry, he’s accounted for.
      But the whole “the kids are using my iPad” is the excuse I give my wife in my attempts to get an iPad Air too, but in all reality, I’m probably just going to spend most of my time using it on the toilet… that excuse isn’t working any time soon by the way, especially when she comes back with “you should probably interact with your children before they move out and can’t responsibly interact with society.”


      • What are you a juvenile?… Maybe that’s the excuse you give your wife and it seems you haven’t used an iPad more than outside the toilet. Also, you probably haven’t heard of with that kind of juvenile response and most of your thinking is where your iPad mostly is. Your quote describes mostly your response.


      • Sorry… I guess I should learn to lay off the sarcasm in a text-only conversation with someone who assumes that this graph was ever intended to be taken seriously… The graph was obviously made as a joke, I doubt there is any rational person out there who honestly thinks that 90-95% of iPad usage is from a toilet seat… lighten up dude…


      • I do sincerely apologize for commenting on your parenting skills, I know you were probably exaggerating when you said your kid spends 7 hours every day on the iPad (and if he does, I honestly don’t care), everything I said was meant to be taken sarcastically, and I crossed a line, I’m sorry I offended you


  5. Gary Dauphin says:

    Really? Slow news day?