Earlier this year, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) held a press conference to announce that it will be bringing its wrestling content to television and mobile devices via a new WWE Network. At the event, WWE Chief Revenue and Marketing officer Michelle Wilson announced hardware partners and that the network will provide its content via a 24/7 stream that costs $9.99 per month.

As shown in the video below (5:30 in), Wilson said that the network would become available on a slew of devices, including iOS devices, Android devices, Rokus, Amazon Kindle devices, Xbox hardware, and PlayStations. Rounding out the list of supported devices, Wilson said, is “a connected device that I am not allowed to mention at this press conference…”

The only major connected TV device not explicitly announced to support WWE is the Apple TV set-top-box, leading us to believe that the secret supporting product is the Apple TV. It is widely known that Apple enjoys controlling all aspects of its products, right down to the content makers that it works with. In addition to that speculation, audience attendees were given Apple TVs in special WWE packaging (image shown above).

When Wilson made her statement about the device she is “not allowed to mention,” an attendee in the front of the auditorium raised up the gifted Apple TV. In response, Wilson said, “you got the joke, I love it.” The WWE Network officially launches on February 24th, so perhaps the channel will show up on Apple TV boxes on or around that date. Another possibility is that the WWE is looking to be a launch partner for Apple’s upcoming Apple TV successor.

Yesterday, we reported that sources have indicated that Apple has a revamped Apple TV set-top-box in the works. We have been told that the new product will likely be introduced in the first half of 2014 and that new downloadable content types (such as applications) is a strong possibility for inclusion.

Last year, Apple added several new content channels to the Apple TV, including Bloomberg News, MLS Soccer, new Disney offerings, Watch ABC, and Vevo. We’ve previously published an extensive profile regarding how Apple and content providers work together on new Apple TV channels. Phone calls and emails to the WWE have not been returned.

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21 Responses to “WWE Wrestling Network coming to Apple TV, company executive suggests”

  1. telecastle says:

    No, please. Not on Apple TV. Let them put it on Google TV or even on Roku. Alternatively, please enable us to delete the apps we don’t want from the Apple TV. I do not want you, Apple, to push this garbage to my Apple TV.


  2. What I don’t understand is why the WWE even exists in the first place. How did the most marginal, tacky and offensive sport in the 70’s become one of the most popular ones of the 21st century. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would watch a single second of this shitty spectacle.


    • Because your opinion is in reality YOU POINT OF VIEW and as a choreographed their moves are, they are people that like it, support it, both or more importantly EARN their incomes in special cases and you can own the population’s taste can count as an answer?


    • Because it’s just as fake as any other tv show or movie is. It’s called drama, comedy, and much more! Its a multi million dollar industry that is a grown man & woman’s soap opera. Most of the WWE audience are 100% knowledgable of the “FAKE”ness that it is. But at the end of the day it’s another tv show or movie that entertains people, and whether you LIKE it or not doesn’t take away from the fact that they are making bold moves, and now with there EVP of talent / (on-screen) COO Triple H “Paul Levesque” in charge of many of the companies things that are going on behind the scenes, this company has been rocketing back from the fall they’ve had after the self-proclaimed Attitude Era. Above all, whether you are entertained by there form of sports-entertainment or not, they are an extremely beneficial company and very positive in the organizations and awareness campaigns that they contribute to outside of the ring. (EX. Be A Star Campaign, Susan G. Colman for the Cure, Wounded Warriors Project, The Creative Coalition, also be the #1 Wish Granters for the MAKE A WISH Foundation, and so on…) They do many Community Events and Outreaches anytime big events like WrestleMania and SummerSlam come to an area. But most important in this subject is that they really are leading the way when it comes to a product that we all want to see exist for many other providers an network.


      • as opposed to everything else that is on tv and isnt choreographed?


      • I’m not against it because of it’s fake nature. Wrestling was always fake.

        I just honestly don’t understand why anyone likes it. On the most basic level it’s two guys fighting, so … pretty ho hum for starters. When you add in the oversized egos, the shouting, the tasteless uniforms, the horrible jokes and the cringeworthy audience members … well it’s even worse. It’s still boring, but with a veneer of obnoxiousness as well.

        The most similar thing I can think of it it’s like watching one of those late-night used car or electronics salesman commercials with a fat guy screaming his head off in a loud sports coat about what “craaaazzzeee deals” he’s going to make for you. If you got two of those guys to push each other around while making endless stupid boasts about themselves, then you’d have the WWE.

        Most people I know change the channel when that shit comes on.


    • PMZanetti says:

      I don’t watch it anymore, but it used to be quite entertaining. At least it is honest about what it is…a fake spectacle known and meant to be fake.

      Unlike the “reality” TV that people watch, and believe is actually real. THAT is a shitty spectacle.


  3. Typo in headline. Wresting should be Wrestling


  4. I was at the WWE Network event and did not get an Apple TV in my bag. I got a Google Chromecast device in my bag.


  5. PMZanetti says:

    This is a perfect example of the EXACT kind of subscription that people actually want. $x.xx a month for a channel. If you really want it, you pay for it ala carte, and don’t pay for it when you don’t want it. No money paid to a stupid Cable provider, no money paid for a rental box.

    That said, $9.99 a month for WWE live programming (which is what, 2 live 1-hour shows per week?) is insane. Make It $2.99 a month for something like that.


  6. Jacky Liang says:

    Jesus, I would be really surprised if Apple let them do that to their packaging. That is insanely ugly.




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