You might have noticed that the main text in Apple’s press release today for its Q1 2014 results didn’t mention device sales for the iPod alongside iPhones, iPads, and Macs. That might because it’s the only product line that has experienced a huge decrease in sales over the last year, which isn’t helped by the fact Apple hasn’t updated the products in over a year apart from a minor refresh. It does, however, still have to disclose units sold in its unaudited summary data that accompanies the press release. To be precise, Apple’s results show it only sold a little over 6 million iPods during the holiday quarter. That’s a decrease of 55% year over year for revenue and 52% for units when looking at the 12.7 million it sold in Q1 2013.  That’s also the biggest year over year drop ever for the iPod, which fell from 15.4m units in Q1 12 to 12.7m in Q1 13 before being cut in half this year. The iPhone, iPad, and Mac lineups, on the other hand, all experienced growth during the quarter.

During the conference call, Cook noted that they “have known for some time that iPod is a declining business” and that it would impact the overall results and guidance.

It’s not the first time Apple decided to leave out mentioning its iPod sales. It actually hasn’t done so since the year ago quarter when it announced the 12.7 million units sold for Q1 2013. Either way, the numbers will certainly have analysts questioning the future of Apple’s iPod line in the months to come. Apple announced back in May that it had sold 100 million iPod touch units since the device launched in 2007, but Apple has been selling less and less iPods each year.

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22 Responses to “Apple Q1 2014: iPod sales decreased by more than half since last year”

  1. Don Hudson says:

    Of course sales are getting worse. Apple only updates the iPod touch every two years, and the fact that it’s barely marketed doesn’t help either.

    If they marketed the iPod touch as often as they market iPhone and iPad — and updated it every year, as opposed to giving it one huge update one year and a color update the next — maybe customers will start paying more attention to the device as a good alternative to the iPhone.

    There are a lot of customers who can’t afford an iPhone, but they still want a similar experience to iPhone users. The iPod touch is the perfect device for those customers. If Apple marketed this product more and updated it every year, demand should pick up.


  2. Some free advice for Apple… rename the iPod Touch as the 5″ iPad Touch and market it along side the iPad Air and Mini. Now you have 3 sizes for the product and sales will easily triple… Then you can just EOL the rest of the iPod line.


  3. PMZanetti says:

    You can’t have iPhone/iPad sales booming and iPod sales NOT decline. In almost every case, customers will not buy/have both.


  4. Ed Lucas says:

    i love my iPod touch 4g. I’ve been waiting for the next version to get a new one. I’m not really in to making lots of cell calls and can’t justify the monthly bills for iPhone. In my wallet i carry with me a prepaid phone i only spend $25 for every 90 days on.

    I hope next touch has the same A7 chip


  5. Canuk Storm says:

    The era of the iPod is coming to an end. The era of the iWatch (or whatever wearable Apple decides to release) will take over the baton.

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    • Don Hudson says:

      I agree. That doesn’t mean Apple should neglect the product, though. It should still get yearly updates.


      • Canuk Storm says:

        It tells me two things;

        1. Given Apple’s current roadmap, they don’t see a future in it for the iPod. OR

        2. All the high-end components (ie: 64-bit processor, TouchID, etc.) were being reserved for iPhone. Maybe Apple’s gotten better at ramping their component manufacturing so it’s possible there may be a new iPod Touch this fall.


  6. well we’ve been expecting this.


  7. rettun1 says:

    iPod touch would probably get a redesign this year right? With a bigger screen to match the iPhone. And sell the current version for 199 or 249


  8. Don Hudson says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying! Advertise it more and update it every year. They’re not allowing it to grow anymore.


  9. I still use my iPod Classic everyday. I wish Apple would update that with an audiophile-class amp and DAC.
    There’s no reason to not compete with Fiio and Astell&Kern, and Hifiman.


  10. Erik Samuel says:

    It is pretty obvious for the sales to dropped. First of all there is no need to buy an iPod if you already have an iPhone. Especially if you already have the 64gb iPhone model which more than enough to put all your music library from your computer and play games as well.


    • Don Hudson says:

      But a lot of people can’t afford an iPhone. There is still a huge market for people who can’t afford an iPhone, but are looking for the same experience. This is where iPod touch comes in. I just think that if Apple updated it yearly and marketed it more, then sales wouldn’t be so paltry.


  11. Sady Chocron says:

    In my opinion Apple need to release a 128 GB iPod Touch, because what happen with the customers that have more than 50 GB in music in their old iPod Classic and want to upgrade toward iPod Touch ? 64 GB versions is not attractive for this kind of customers.


  12. Mohsin Javed says:

    Now IPhone and Apple selling decline iPads slump finish. The iphone, Apple’s leader item, kept on gain noteworthy footing. Fruit sold 35.2 million iphones in the previous three months, up 13% contrasted with the same period a year http://thisreals.com/now-iphone-and-apple-selling-decline.php