Parallels again offers its $50 bundle of impressive apps at a $20 discount off the retail price of Parallels alone.  Each one of the below apps is a keeper and they are all free with the discounted purchase of the Parallels update. You even get 6 free months of use of the iPad App.

Note this is a Parallels update so you’ll need an older copy laying around, The full Parallels 9 bundle is $79.99

Screenshot 2014-02-12 14.23.11

Save $319.99 – Buy Parallels Desktop for Mac and Parallels Access bundle

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8 Responses to “$50 Parallels update bundle: 1Password, Fantastical, Kaspersky, CleanMyMac and more”

  1. They’re all keepers? Really? If you say so.


  2. too bad i already own every app there except for parallels…


  3. If you have questions on this bundle, check out my quick video review of this bundle pack –


  4. Is the Parallels ‘upgrade’ eligible for ‘upgrading’ from Fusion?


  5. So is this bundle offer over? I just ordered and there is NO information about the bundle. Only Parallels. Seems kind of misleading if this offer is over but there is NO mention of that on the site.