While Apple has been acquiring talent to bolster its iWatch team at an incredible pace, there is still talent left to be brought into the fold. Today, TechCrunch reports that Basis, a company that makes health-centric smartwatches, is looking to be acquired—and Apple is on the list of companies being courted.

Basis is said to be in talks with other companies as well, and apparently has not settled on an asking price yet. The company has so far been unable to secure an additional round of funding needed to stay afloat, and is thus exploring other potential options.

Basis currently has one device on the market, the Basis Health Tracker, which is said to have some of the most accurate and reliable health data measurements of any comparable product. This could be a huge boon for Apple’s crack team of health and fitness experts, and the Basis technology merged with Apple’s hardware design could yield a solid first step into the wearable market for Cupertino.

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4 Responses to “Health-focused watch maker Basis is looking to sell, possibly in talks with Apple”

  1. Cannot wait for the iWatch!!!! It is going to be revolutionary, change people’s lives, and save people’s lives. Anyone who can’t imagine the possibilities, or the future for this, isn’t intelligent enough to be in the conversation. It will be every bit as game changing as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.


  2. John Chu says:

    This would be a good buy for Apple. Basis has by far the most comprehensive sensor fitness watch on the market. The watch, measures sweat content, has a built in heart rate monitor, and can do so much more than their competitors. It’s just that their watches aren’t that great looking, otherwise I’d love to include it into my lifestyle. Apple buying Basis, will certainly enhance their iWatch product, as well as release a stylish product that consumers will covet :D


  3. Gary Frost says:

    Possibly a purchase of Basis, but still not quite the whole story. Apple style is not reflected yet in what has been thought of so far in suggested designs. I think they are getting close, but I also think a more multi-use device, not just fitness.