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(Update: He’s back. Whew!)

Early Monday morning, Jonathan Ive, Apple’s VP of design, disappeared from the list of executives on Apple’s website. While this type of thing has usually only happened when an executive left the company, there’s no reason to believe this is more than a website glitch at this point.

In the past whenever someone has been removed from the list, his accompanying personal page was also deleted. For example, the link to Scott Forstall’s bio now leads to an error page. Ive’s, on the other hand, is still up and running. Apple would also likely issue a press release if such a high-ranking member of its team was suddenly out.

As 9to5Mac previously reported, Ive was the only member of Apple’s executive staff that was not listed as reciving a big stock bonus on a 2011 SEC filing, though SEC regulations don’t actually require Ive to be listed due to his position at Apple. It’s possible the page is only listing executives who are also officers within the company.

The UK version of the page still lists Ive as Senior VP of Design.

Ive was also the only person on the page not smiling, so maybe in his quest for uniformity, he decided that he needed a new photo to match the unified theme.

Update 2: Apple PR commented on the occurrence to

Apparently, it was a “technical glitch” when the page was being updated. Said a spokesperson: “It’s up now, no big deal.”

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29 Responses to “Jony Ive disappears from Apple’s online executive list (Update 2x: Back, PR comment)”

  1. No please… Jony is part of Apple!! This can’t be real…


  2. Loni Brown says:

    so this means iOS 8.. new icons?!!


  3. aeronperyton says:

    They wouldn’t take his listing down just for a photo. Bet he’s acquiring a new title.


    • Mike Beasley says:

      The photo thing was actually a joke, but if they have to take the whole store offline to update a product you never know… they might also need to take down an entire bio listing to update the photo ;)


  4. I guess Ive refused to sign the (yet to come) iOS 7 apology letter.


  5. Robo.Term says:

    Apple US site is the only one without Ive’s passe-partout.


  6. What is it with Apple and leadership communication? When Bob Mansfield was removed it was like pulling teeth to get Apple to comment on it.


  7. Interesting that his photo came down on holiday…markets aren’t open today.


    • Indeed if they were to be announcing his departure a day with the markets closed would be the day to do it. My puzzlement is announcing such a major thing with a webpage change, but if it is total bad news for Apple – he quit, they have no replacement in mind, I suppose they would want to say as little as possible — what are they going to say — “oh s***”?


  8. May be he is fired ;) hahha


  9. They might be announcing the Apple iVe 2!


  10. He’s back on the executive bios list. The collective “oh noes” moment can disappear and everyone can get back to sleep now!


  11. Marklewood at Serenity Lodge says:



  12. The real ‘glitch’ is that there are no females on that list. Ridiculous!


  13. I think the real reason is that he was quietly updated to a higher spec processor, more storage capacity and a Retina display.


  14. His bio is there in the US site. It must’ve been a glitch


  15. Dan Mitchell says:

    For my part Sir Jonathan Ive (Jony Ive) is the true successor to the saintly Steve j.