A day following the arrival of WWE on Apple TV, users of the Apple set-top-box in Sweden today received access to TV4. TV4 is one of Sweden’s largest television networks with both live and scheduled programming.

Full episodes of TV4 content are available for seven days following the original air date and certain older content will always be available:

With ‘TV4 Play’ on Apple TV, full episodes of current TV4 Group shows are available to watch for up to 7 days after their original air date. ‘TV4 Play Premium’ subscribers in Sweden can access an extensive library of additional content with most current and previously aired episodes available for a longer time period. The ‘TV4 Play’ experience on Apple TV also includes play queue support, easy access to a personalised list of favourite shows, and a “resume play” option allowing viewers to pick up watching an episode right where they left off. Select shows are available in HD only through ‘TV4 Play’ on Apple TV, with the number of available HD shows expected to increase rapidly over the coming months.

HD content is currently limited, but TV4 says a larger rollout of higher-quality video content will occur in the coming months.

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4 Responses to “Major network TV4 lands on Apple TV in Sweden”

  1. God, please come to Canada. All the major TV networks here (CBC, CityTV, CTV, Global TV) they all offer their programming for free online. I don’t understand why they can’t all offer Apple TV channels, supported by ads and let people watch these programs on demand on their televisions. They already give away all their content for free over the air and online.


  2. Wake up US television networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox). Sign on with Apple. It’s your future. Cord Cutters love Apple TV. Get with it…


  3. Please… I would love to watch Swedish TV4 in the USA…
    I miss the country I left so many many years ago… just to show the kiddos what boring news looks like, at least.


    • bear133 says:

      News is not suppose to be funny or scary it should be informative and balanced (note balanced like Fox News “Fair & Balanced”) but actually balanced!