Paper by FiftyThree, the popular iPad app for creating illustrations, is today finally getting its iOS 7 overhaul with version 1.6 introducing a complete redesign of the app. The company tells us the newly updated Paper app hitting the App Store today is “a blend of metaphor and flat aesthetics that required the team to update every visual asset in the app.”

While the app maintains much of the look and feel of the previous version, you will notice that everything has been given a fresh coat of paint. That includes “faster menus, simplified icons, lighter colors, journal covers that pop, custom typefaces, and overall improved readability.”

There are also new features including a new and improved zoom tool as well as improvements to the dot size for the Draw and Erase tools. Here’s a run down on the new features from FiftyThree:

More Powerful Zoom & Ink. 

Zoom isn’t just about getting closer, it’s about having the tools to do detailed work. Now when you zoom in, your tools do too. Draw, Color, Erase, and Blend adjust their size in the loupe to give you finer control over tiny areas without ever touching a slider.

Dot Dot Dot. 

Master the dot. Dot size in the Draw and Erase tools is now linked to how long you press. Tap quickly to make small dots, or hold down longer to create bigger ones. Starry skies and spotted cows are now easier to draw than ever.

Last month developers FiftyThree ran into a bit of controversy when Facebook decided to release an iOS app also called Paper. The company shared its thoughts in a blog post on its website suggesting that Facebook consider rebranding its app to avoid confusion among consumers.

Version 1.6 of Paper is available on the App Store starting today. More screenshots below:

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5 Responses to “Paper by FiftyThree app gets complete redesign for iOS 7 w/ new features”

  1. Maybe they should rename the app to “Facebook” while they’re at it. ;-)


  2. Long live (the original, true) Paper.


  3. Possibly the largest stretch of the meaning of “complete redesign” to date.


  4. I’m still hoping for an update that introduces oils as a painting method. The watercolours don’t quite cut it at the moment.


  5. Cedric Tineo says:

    Still no way to backup and restore drawings outside of a full iOS restore. What if I want to transfer them to a new iPad without doing a full iOS restore – no way, except for pdf export which is just not the same. 53 you are keeping MY DRAWINGS hostage – despite your promises to fix this.