iPhone5c_34L_AllColors_PRINTIn the recent past, customers who purchased an iPhone directly from the Apple Online Store and in Apple Retail Stores have had 30 days to return the device for any reason. The only stipulation was that it had to be undamaged and include all of the original accessories. According to an internal document provided by one of our retail sources, Apple plans to change its iPhone return policy to just 14 days beginning on March 13th. However the return policy currently published on Apple.com already reflects this change. All other products purchased from Apple are already subject to a 14 day return policy.

iPhone-return-14-day iPhone-30-day-return

Apple’s prior iPhone return policy was in stark contrast to its carrier partners who only offer a 14 day return window. During this time a customer may choose to return the iPhone to Apple within the 30 day period but if it was returned after day 14 they would still be on the hook for Early Termination Fees (ETF) or any other penalties from the wireless providers.

On the flip side, this policy was helpful for customers simply looking to exchange an iPhone for a different color or capacity because their contract would not be affected. However, it was confusing and potentially misleading to customer who thought they had 30 days to return an iPhone and not suffer any penalties from their carrier.

According to the document, Apple is making this change in an effort to have one universal return policy across all products and to match the carrier’s 14 day policy.

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9 Responses to “Apple drops its 30 day return policy on iPhones down to 14 days”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    I thought it was 14 days already. Apple Store Employees have verbally said 14 days to me on iPhone purchases before. They probably thought it was, since every single other product already is 14 days.


  2. Well, at least they have a good reason for it…


  3. Marklewood at Serenity Lodge says:

    Nope. 14 days is not long enough for such a pricy phone.


    • rqrose says:

      I agree, $500 – $1,000 is a large investment, I think about it this way. The utility of $1,000 is such that it could be used to pay a minimum wage worker 3 weeks of full time work (assuming minimum wage is $8). People are so used to high prices that they don’t take into account the utility of such money. Just my MBA perspective.


  4. Americans get royally screwed in the name of a free market – Apple cannot legally do this in Europe.


    • Dont be stupid, 14 days is already in place in the EU. Its standard practice and 14 days is MORE than enough time for anyone to figure out if they want it or not.
      I’d wish for 7 days personally as theres too many stupid customers returning goods.
      Such as dias scanners, customers buy these, then use them to scan their old photos and then return the product for a full refund. Ridiculous.


  5. 14 days is plenty of time. Don’t people research what they are buying? I mean unless the thing breaks why would you need to return it if you knew what you were buying going in? Again, 14 days is plenty of time.