As mockups go, this iPhone 6 concept video via Ran Avni and company shows off much of what I would love to see in the next iPhone redesign. The design language from the iPod touch, iPad Air, and iPad mini is just begging to be coupled with the iPhone. Personally, I’m a big fan of the smoother, less boxy look. See for yourself below.

Update: here’s another:

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23 Responses to “iPhone 6 concept video shows off 4.5″ curved display with iPad Air design”

  1. If the benefit of concave glass is improved readability, reduced glare (what I understood rationale for the Galaxy Round was) etc… what’s the benefit of a convex design?

  2. This is what I envision the new iPhone looking like. However, it will not have the curved glass and it will be called the iPhone Air!

    • I think you are right on the money on the name, every thing is Air with Apple these days. I think another comment I saw about 10 days ago was interesting. The post said that there would be two, the smaller iPhone 6 and larger iPhone Air maybe a Micro Mini?

  3. RP says:

    Fan phone-porn fiction.

  4. i’m in love with design like this. definitive buy for me.

  5. A convex display would be a disaster from a breakage standpoint; even if they use sapphire glass, which improves scratch resistance but not breakage. Plus, there are no advantages to a convex screen regardless of the colossal breakage vulnerability. There is no way Apple is going to do that.

  6. sardonick says:


  7. what purpose does the curved glass serve whether convex or concave?

  8. scumbolt2014 says:

    Nice concept and video. I’d take this without the curved sapphire display. I know Apple has a lot invested in sapphire, but I just don’t see them making an iPhone that uses sapphire on the entire display when they have a perfectly good screen with the Gorilla Glass that is proven. I think the sapphire is for another component on the phone (like touch id) and for their new mystery product(s).

  9. Rather than all these rendered money shots I would rather have the designer explain the decisions behind why they feel they’re spot on about where Apple is going aesthetically with the iPhone.

    The theory that it’ll match the iPad Air and mini design is probably spot on but I’m more interested in why they think a convex display is a good decision and makes sense from a manufacturing, marketing and usability perspective.

    Most anyone can design a concept these days but more often than not the decisions these concept renders make are either atrocious, nonsensical or both.

    I’d rather this designer spend more time explaining the design rather than waste 2 minutes of my time with hero shots.

    • PMZanetti says:

      The designer wouldn’t have any answers regarding the curved display. There IS NO good reason for it, therefore they couldn’t possibly have one. They’re just simply taking a random rumor from the cloud and baking it into a mockup.

  10. I haven’t been impressed with a single iphone 6 concept…they are just different takes on the same ol’ design. No is willing to think outside the box.

    • PMZanetti says:

      And what box is that? The unimaginably successful iPhone design-to-date box? The curved display IS thinking outside the box…unfortunately, its pointless and a bit ugly.

      Making an iPhone in the design of the iPad Air & iPad mini is a major achievement if they can do it. Its beautiful, would be very comfortable to hold (unlike the iPhone 5/5s), and would undoubtedly be extremely lightweight and durable.

  11. I believe the sapphire display will not come unto iPhone 6S where the s is for sapphire, iphone 3gs=speed, 4s=siri 5s=security, 6s=sapphire

    • PMZanetti says:

      Clever, but Apple would never make such a big deal out of sapphire. They don’t want people focused on something like that. They want people focused on what matters: What you DO with the device. Not what the glass is made out of.

  12. PMZanetti says:

    Curved display? Absolutely not.

    Everything else about that design and size? Yes, absolutely.

  13. I think the Iphablet will be called iPhone Air

  14. The updated video is awesome, likes just like the iPad air in design plus the bezel free would be great. I could careless of a curved display until someone can convince me it’s better for me.

  15. Greg Lowery says:

    I prefer the 2nd concept, also don’t see a need for the curved display.