You can always count on an Ars Technica review being thorough. So if a company is foolish enough to pitch an iPhone and iPad screen protector as being made from bulletproof glass, well …

I couldn’t let a “bulletproof” claim stand without challenge. Al Trug and the Clear Creek Gun Range graciously agreed to let me come in before regular hours on a weekday morning and mount the second Holy Grail review sample up on one of their targets, this time affixed to my friend Matt’s old iPhone 4.

‘Second’ sample because the company sent two, and reviewer Lee Hutchison had already attacked the first one with a screwdriver and ran it over with his car. As you do. You can see the second video on the Ars Technica site.

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13 Responses to “Is this iPhone & iPad screen-protector made from bulletproof glass actually bulletproof? [Video]”

  1. wao can’t wait to see the video.


  2. Fil Aperture says:

    Me too! (Who the hell still uses Adobe Flash for video-content…?)


  3. That was awesome. I love that he kept on shooting when it was on the ground.


  4. dksmidtx says:

    He is one heck of a shooter – should consider trying out for Top Shot


  5. lycius84 says:

    If the price is right and keys are all you worry about then it’s a good product. Past that, as the video shows, it’s worthless.


  6. Come on. How can something so thin be seriously touted as – and literally perceived to be – bullet proof?!


  7. sardonick says:

    Fun video, but honestly, anybody who believes marketing hype probably shouldn’t be allowed to make critical decisions. :) I doubt any reasonable person expected that thin cover to really be bullet proof. Nerf bullets maybe. Really fun to watch just the same.


  8. nice shooting. And of course the cover was a bit thin to withstand any bullets


  9. The material is bulletproof glass

    However only 0.3mm thun bulletproof glass wont stop any bullets