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Virgin Mobile, a Sprint subsidiary, is offering the iPhone 5s contract free for some pretty unheard of prices right now.  The 16GB iPhone 5s is going for $385 without a contract in Gold (best), Space Gray and White.  A 32GB iPhone 5s will run you $455 while a 64GB iPhone 5s will run you $525.

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Virgin is also slashing the prices on the iPhone 5c with the 16GB model in all colors is $315 while the 32GB model is $385. Those are easily the lowest prices we’ve seen for the current generation iPhones.

What’s the catch?

The catch, if you want to call it that, is that these are locked to Sprint’s Virgin subsidiary.  While Sprint’s 3G and 4G network isn’t always rated the best, it is nationwide and Virgin Mobile also has the lowest unlimited data plans starting at $30/month.

Also a little birdie told us that you can actually unlock the Virgin iPhones for about $130 at Chronic Unlocks giving you a new, unlocked iPhone 5s for just over $500. 

For those who were considering an iPhone but hesitated at the costs, that’s around $1000 bucks for a current generation iPhone and 2 years of unlimited data. You won’t find anything lower.

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21 Responses to “Virgin slashes contract-free iPhones, iPhone 5s starts at $385 and iPhone 5c starts at $315”

  1. fix your headline. 5c starts at $315


  2. What I don’t understand is can you purchase their iPhones outright, have them unlocked and use them on a GSM carrier of your choice? The FAQs are either vague or I might just not be understanding them.


  3. This whole “article” is just an advertisement. You people should be ashamed. How much did Virgin pay you to run this?


  4. Lame, would have bought in a heartbeat if it wasn’t locked to Sprint/Virgin :(


  5. Tallest Skil says:

    Now if only their network was worth anything whatsoever.


  6. Ben Marten says:

    Does anybody know if I can use the Virgin iPhone in Europe (Germany) without modifications? If not: Is there a netlock or simlock? Can I unlock the phone with a jailbreak or a IMEI whitelisting or only a hardware modification?


  7. yuniverse7 says:

    You can’t even use these on Sprint, but just Virgin even though they are pretty much on a same network?


  8. Does this work with Verizon or not?


  9. bk9876 says:

    Considering the iphone costs $2400 after 2 yr contract…this is a good deal


  10. You can unlock Virgin USA iPhones for $149 here at I have used him multiple times for AT&T. Very reliable company.


  11. Have to point out that under US law, you cannot legally unlock these Virgin Mobile phones without the carrier’s okay, which you are never going to get. You save a lot (a LOT) of money over the course of two-three years of normal use, but after that you have a virtually unsellable brick when you want to upgrade. Caveat emptor!


  12. maxmxmk says:

    Can I activate and use iPhone 5S in Ukraine?