Whatsapp, the popular messaging client for iOS and Android, announced today on Twitter that it had reached a new record for messages sent in a single day. With 20 billion outgoing messages and 44 incoming messages handled in a single 24-hour period, the grand total came out to 64 billion.

Here’s a little perspective on that number: Instagram recently announced that its users had posted 20 billion photos to the service. You’ll notice that’s not a statistic for one day. It’s the total number of photos shared in the history of the network.

That means that in one day, Whatsapp handled over three times as many requests as Instagram has since it launched three years ago. Not too shabby.

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4 Responses to “WhatsApp announces 64 billion messages sent through its texting app — in just one day”

  1. danbridgland says:

    The net effect of millions of Android users without a credible and ubiquitous native federated text messaging app like iMessage.


  2. Who the hell cares? that’s all those people do, they just keep bragging and their services keep going down.