American Express is running a special offer through the month of April allowing cardholders to get $5 back on any $5 purchase through the iTunes music, app, or iBook stores. If you’ve got an American Express card and want to take advantage of the deal, you’ll need to opt-in to the offer through your account online.

Once you’ve done that, just make $5 worth of purchases on iTunes Store with your American Express card. You’ll see the money credited back on your statement during the next billing period. Unfortunatley not every user will be eligible for the offer. If you are eligible you’ll find the offer listed on your dashboard.

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8 Responses to “American Express offers $5 credit to iTunes customers for the month of April”

  1. themis333 says:

    Pretty nice offer.


  2. Pretty nice deal / I also used my Amex yesterday at Lowes / grabbing the $10 credit too :)


  3. pmcarrion says:

    This offer is only available for the PRG card


  4. donnyb says:

    Bull$hit, if you have a gift card that you recently applied to your iTunes account because it was your birthday. You must spend all of your iTunes account balance before you will be charge on your AMEX card. I have an AMEX card on my iTunes and used it for years but every year I get a gift for my birthday which last me about 6 months.


  5. Thanks for this! Using it on my Delta AmEx


  6. Reblogged this on El Ventilador 2.0 and commented:
    Iniciativa comercial de American Express con tarjetas de iTunes


  7. @donnyb you don’t have to spend all your balance. You can gift an app to yourself, it’ll charge your card instead of the iTunes gift card balance.