Ad Age reports that Apple is planning to hire as many as four new digital ad agencies. Evidence presented in the latest Samsung-Apple lawsuit earlier this week revealed that Phil Schiller, the Cupertino company’s SVP of marketing, was shaken up by Samsung’s recent ad campaign and furious with Media Arts Lab, Apple’s current advertising company, to the point that he considered finding a new ad firm.

The four companies being considered for addition to the company’s lineup include Huge, AKQA, Area 17, and Kettle, according to the report. Apple already works with several smaller digital agencies, so adding four more doesn’t necessarily mean that Media Arts Lab is going anywhere anytime soon.

Apple has suffered from a string of less-than-stellar online promotional material recently with its “isee5c” line of ads. Hiring a new digital agency could help turn things around for the company in that arena. If the above statements from Schiller are any indication, Apple is taking a long, hard look at revamping its current advertising plans in order to better stack up against competitors like Samsung.

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5 Responses to “Apple searching for new ad agencies following court revelation that Schiller was furious at Media Arts Lab”

  1. mytiemohr says:

    Keep it #Easy @IphoneIsEasy & they will keep buying iPhones :-)… If they keep adding stuff that doesn’t work, they will see how well that works out for them. :-(


  2. It’s about time Apple changes their ad company and their advertising strategy. Apple needs to make simple strong statements of what makes Apple products better then the competition. Also stop just running your TV ads in spurts and then long dry periods of no ads at all. They need to be before the public eye 100 % of the time to beat Samsung. And what about the fact that they run zero print ads, there are still people that read newspapers. Whoever is in charge of advertising at Apple I would have fired years ago.


    • As consumers we should not concern ourselves with the competitive wrangling between Apple and Samsung or any other company. Competition is a benefit to consumers. If Samsung is putting pressure on Apple, so be it. That’s the way capitalism should work. No free rides.


  3. Lorand Koncz says:

    Dear author,

    you do know that this title implies that MAL is being replaced, right?
    Plus, I’d argue, that those two events are entirely unrelated.