From 2012 MacBook Air 11"Update (4/29 12:08pm): Looks like the $599 model is now sold out, but keep a close eye on 9to5Toys we’ll let you know when they are back!

The release of updated MacBook Air models this morning has prompted Apple to drop the price of previous generation refurbished models down to unprecedented levels. The mid 2012 models now start at just $599 and include a 1-year warranty. These models feature dual-core Intel Core i5 processors and LED-backlit widescreen displays. There are currently three different models listed with storage capacities up to 256GB, but that can change at any moment since Apple refurbished inventory is generally extremely limited.

To put this pricing in perspective, you can now get a MacBook Air for only $100 more than an entry-level iPad Air. Put another way, that’s $100 less than a Wi-Fi iPad Air with the same storage capacity.

The 1-year limited warranty is the same that’s included on new condition products. All refurbished Macs are also eligible for AppleCare just like brand new Macs giving it the same three year support as a new model. Read more about the Apple refurbishment process here. You can order your refurbished Mac for home delivery or in-store pickup at your nearest Apple Store retail location.

Don’t be scared off by the low storage size of the $599 model, because it’s not too hard or expensive to upgrade your MacBook Air anymore.


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17 Responses to “Gamechanger: You can now buy a MacBook Air from Apple online for $599”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    These will go fast. What a deal for someone who just needs a simple laptop.


  2. Game over. This is the aggressive pricing that kills Microsoft Windows and the Wintel OEMs stone dead. The MacBook Air is now insanely affordable and priced below most cheap plastic Windows laptops with a terrible operating system. Who in their right mind would choose a Windows laptop now? Mac lives.


    • rettun1 says:

      Not quite cheaper than windows laptops, but this is definitely the cheapest a MacBook has been in a long time


    • brianc400 says:

      Apple made a very limited quantity of refurbished previous-generation models available for cheap. How is this possibly a game changer? They are even already sold out.


      • nonyabiness says:

        Apple doesn’t “make” refurbished models. They refurbish defective/returned models. Therefore, the amount of refurbished models available for purchase reflects the amount of defective/returned models. Sorry there aren’t enough previously defective/unwanted models for you. A MS Surface Pro might have more refurb models for you if you’re interested.


  3. Here we go again. Gamechanger. One of the most abused words in tech.


  4. inknzvl says:

    11.6 is perfect for me. Sorry windows I gave you 3 chances. One Acer v5-122 11.6″ the trackpad is inconsistent (returned) Lenovo s210 -fortunately- it died the second day, it wouldn’t turn back on (returned dead, with pictures I did import) Now I’m using an Asus x200 somehow -it might be my fault- but the track pad stops working, when I go to settings everything is off. I wasn’t thinking of returning this one, until I read the news this morning. MacBook Air $719 the last June model. Ordered me one. I use keynote, iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, browser and I little bit of everything else, is perfect for me.


  5. FAME says:

    $499 and I’m sold on a 2012 model. $599 and I’m sold on a 2013 model. $699 and 2014 is in the bag.

    Without contract, iPhone should start from $499 (32GB), iPod $199 (32GB), iPad $399(32GB). Mac Mini $299, iMac $799, Macbook Pros $699 and $799, Mac Pro $999. Apple TV is fine at $99.

    Till then I’ll wait patiently. I only buy Apple products, but even I understand their prices are exploitation. Some other manufactures shouldn’t even have a right to charge half what Apple charges.


    • Chris Licata says:

      Keep on waiting, you will never be buying one then.


    • nonyabiness says:

      The size of a device doesn’t equate to cheaper value or production. The smaller an item gets, the greater the difficulty to produce a great user experience. That’s why phones and tablets can be more expensive than their laptop counterparts.


      • FAME says:

        I know that, this is just Apple’s typical pricing strategy reduced by $200-300 for each product in question.


  6. Do you have iQuickMark performance comparison? it’s more handy and tests different aspects rather then just CPU.