After removing the hit iOS game Flappy Bird from the App Store back in February, the developer confirmed today that the game will make a return in August.

Developer Dong Nguygen confirmed the return date today to CNBC’s Kelly Evans and also claimed that the game would be less addictive, which was originally the main reason he cited for removing the app earlier this year. In addition, the game will also apparently include a multiplayer when making its return to the store.

At its most popular, the original Flappy Bird game was reportedly making as much as $50,000 a day revenue. It didn’t take long for other developers to make clones of the game in order to capitalize on the game’s popularity and many of them remain in the App Store’s top charts for gaming.

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6 Responses to “Flappy Bird will return to App Store in August w/ multiplayer, won’t be as fun”

  1. Won’t be “as fun”? So in other words, not fun at all? That game wasn’t too thrilling to begin with…


  2. It wasn’t addicting to begin with.


  3. This is not worthy of mention. As someone about to start a small business, I wish I could get the free publicity that this developer has received. His apps are poor quality, and the idiotic reasons for pulling the app from the App Store were probably a lie. Why would anyone want to help this guy?


  4. vkd108 says:

    Still 3 months away and I’ve already had 6 epileptic fits just *thinking* about the new Flappy Bird. Just, Wow!