Taiwanese site UDN is reporting that Apple has rejected both Samsung and Sharp as potential third suppliers of displays for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in favor of local company Innolux. Apple is believed to have already chosen LG and Japan Display as its primary display panel suppliers, but was said to be seeking a third to help meet likely demand.

While Innolux is a major global player in LCD panels, Taiwanese media is not always the most reliable of sources when it comes to reports of contracts awarded to local companies. In particular, the reason given – that Samsung is too much of a direct competitor – makes little sense given that that Apple’s chips for both iPhones and iPads are made by Samsung.

We recently reported that the iPhone 6 is likely to be released with a 1704×960 pixel display, one-and-a-half times the resolution of the iPhone 5/S/C.

Via GforGames

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9 Responses to “Apple reportedly rejects Samsung and Sharp as display suppliers for iPhone 6, keeps LG and Japan Display and adds Innolux”

  1. tool022611 says:

    I hope this isn’t true. Both samsung and sharpe make far superior displays then LG. I’m not a fan of Samsung but one thing they do great is displays.


  2. thejuanald says:

    Samsung and Sharp are two of the best display makers out there. Apple making compromises on quality here.


    • greenbelt2csp says:

      Ever think the reason Samsung phone displays are so good is because they get the specs from Apple and then suck the design into the Scansung copy department for immediate dispersal into the Mobile Phone enlargement division where, via corruptive conduits that ensure the numbers increase while simultaneously decreasing the user experience, they are summarily stamped out in poison gas chambers for their employees to choke on.

      (Ok it’s Monday and no coffee yet. Plus this is supposed to be funny, so laugh a little, you know you want to…)


  3. Apple it’s just to proud… and their products are starting to fall behind.


  4. Why believe any of these rumors? I’m sure Apple won’t make compromises and most of these contracts are planned long in advance. Apple will likely continue switching suppliers as backups. Why would Apple choose companies if they didn’t have the standards Apple is looking for? I’ve recently read articles saying that Samsung and Apple were coming to patent agreements so there wouldn’t be much sense to switch display suppliers unless there was a really good reason with that happening.

    How are Apple products falling behind and to which company? Because Android smartphones come out every week, there’s no way Apple can keep up with every new component some new Android smartphone has. The iPhone is put out once a year so don’t try to match it with every Android smartphone from every Android manufacturer for hardware specs. No company in any industry can keep changing components all year long because it would be a component nightmare. Samsung can do it because it keeps coming out with variations of certain models but that is not something most companies can afford to do or find practical to do. Doing that will certainly eat into profit margins.


  5. rogifan says:

    So all of you have seen these new displays and know they’re inferior?