If you ever wanted an illustration of how far computer technology has come in a single generation, this video portrays it well. A bunch of kids who’ve grown up with Macs, iPads and iPhones, and for whom apps and the web are as natural as breathing, try their hand at an Apple II – starting with the challenge of how to switch it on.

Scarily, I’m old enough to have used an Apple II and now feel slightly nostalgic, but I don’t think I’ll be trading in my MacBook Pro anytime soon.

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7 Responses to ““Where’s the mouse?” Today’s kids try to figure out an Apple II [Video]”

  1. tilalabubakr says:

    This is fun 😄
    Thanx Ben


  2. togetherinparis says:

    Why not give them some technology from the future and see how they react to that?


  3. Eli Matar says:

    Hey Ben,
    Do you think their reaction was a lot like Steve’s?

    “Why is the power button on the back”
    “This is too hard”
    “What is this?”
    “Why do you need to type command before a mathematical problem?”